Was Enoch Powell a racist?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BergenBob, Jun 12, 2006.

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  1. As a sideline to a discussion on the 'People you're glad are dead' thread, was Enoch Powell a racist? There's arguments both for and against this, and I think it should be discussed in it's own thread, if only so I can make my mind up and get the splinters out of my ARRSE from sitting on the fence!

    So here's the question,

    Discuss, was Enoch Powell a racist?
  2. At the risk of losing friends. No. And he was right with the rivers of blood thing too. Look at 7/7.
  3. This topic isn't simply black and white (excuse the pun) and it depends on your definitions of racist, nationalist etc. I don't have time for my usual lefty liberal stance at the moment, I'll be posting sometime soon!!!
  4. Yeah I agree there, its not easy to define. I am a long way from being racist but I agree with alot of what he said.
  5. Respect, Crabby, it was your thread that got me thinking on this.
  6. 'Was Enoch Powell a racist?'

    thats like asking 'are the Kennedys gun shy?'
  7. Was he not a Brigadier at 32? He made his opinion known and stuck with it, fair one. Not a bliar.
  8. Depends whether you mean racist or a discriminator on the grounds of race.

    I suspect that he was capable of observing that the fastest runners tend to come from parts of Africa, that Cantonese tend to be short people and that Eskimos (sorry, Innuits) tend to have round, flat faces. That's a racist - "A person that believes that there are characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to each race."

    If you are asking whether he actively discriminated against people on the grounds of their race, I wouldn't know.

    He is credited with observing that the Race Relations Act actively discriminated against the indigenous white population of Britain. Although his name was held in disgrace by the early PC brigade because of this, it has since been confirmed that he spoke the truth.

    I believe that in some respects, he was misunderstood and unfairly maligned. But as for his personal character generally, I can't comment.
  9. I say this from a neutral standpoint: the man did talk a lot of sense.
    He spoke out against uncontrolled immigration because of the potential problems the culture clashes might bring. He did have some good points.

    The worst product of "multiculturalism", I think, is the fear people now have of making any comment that could be contrived as "racist".
  10. I always believed his idea was to lift the people up in their own countries
    so as they wouldnt have to move to Britain.

    I do agree with his idea, maybe the wording in his speech was not the
    right chose ?

    His generation didnt have to think of what they said, they just said it :eek:

    But I also have no trouble with the people who arrived in 50's to 70's as
    the majourity of them were from Commonwealth countries.

    I believe his idea's are more rellevant today as the people arriving today are mostly
    non Commonwealth residents and should never have had equal rights to stay here.
    But yet that is another story.

    Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm a racist ???
  11. Racist, maybe. The speeches he gave may have appealed to the people already worried about the rise in "Comonwealth immigrants and their descendents", it may have made the then "silent majority" prick up their ears to something they hadnt thought about or realised. Surely an MP SHOULD stand against anything he or she sees as a threat to the nation, maybe he was a visionary more than a racist.

    I think I would prefer a straight speaking politician who makes a stand than a bunch of spineless liars that seem to wlak the halls of westminster now.
  12. he was an ugly looking mong 8O and mad as a fish he also had the dress sense of a billygoat but one of englands great speakers :D
  13. A great thinker, who had the misfortune to say what he thought. Not the way ahead in politics as the current generation have shown.

    Would someone move this out of the Naffi, so that I can comment intelligently?

  14. Are you dodging the question?
  15. You FAILED to answer the question, was Enoch Powell a Racist