Was Dubya wired during Bush/Kerry debate?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bernoulli, Oct 8, 2004.

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  1. Probably a load of bollox, but it shows that those two twazzoks that got caught cheating on "Who wants to be a Millionaire" might of missed a trick.. :D

  2. Na it was his support cos he really is a spineless creature... :wink: [​IMG]
  3. he was wired Berni, to the new Ann Summers butterfly remote control :lol:
  4. The cnut's wired to the moon. :twisted:
  5. Jesus. If that was Bush prompted, I'd hate to hear the bumbling fcukwit acting on his own initiative...(did I just use 'Bush' and 'initiative' in the same sentence?). That said, it's a nice trick, if you can pull it off (which he patently cannot).
  6. Errr, 'dime bar' springs to mind. Those that are of a certain vintage will understand...

    MMM I feel like a run ashore to Mil.com. Havent been banned over there for at least ten minutes.

    Opening gambit.....So, Bush is a single celled puppet of a higher force called 'Darth Retard'...discuss.....

    'And why does he sound, think and look like a member of the genus PROSIMIANS???'

    He makes 'Cheeky monkey' look like a Cambridge Don doing an Astrophysics degree as well as a theology paper on the meaning of life.

    Who would pay good dosh to see GWB up close and personal with a set of Messermeister's on a local Arabic website??
  7. Hey Booty, good point. If he was being prompted it could only have been someone slower than him. I know, I know this is getting ridiculous.

    My money is on his brother Jeb. Any other suggestions?
  8. The only other person I know slower than this jellyhead is the Six million dollar man. I'll wager GWBs 'prompter' was none other than ..........................


    Thatll be his bro then. On his dads side of course.
  9. The obvious answer is for someone to hack into his frequency at the next debate, and create a scene similar to the one in "Bruce Almighty" ( I won't attempt to explain it, just get the DVD.) :D
  10. The only wire he needs is a 3 core 240V,(While in the bath) :twisted:
    while holding hands with best bud Tony 8)

    Happy trucking 8)
  11. hey, i have no problem with Bush being wired

    since his opponent is so obviously a muppet :twisted:
  12. Bring back "Spitting Image" - they would have a field day on the stuff these idiots are getting up to! Forget where has the President's brain gone - has he ever had one to lose? :idea:
  13. Some guy who claims to have served as one of Pres. Bush's interpreters claims it's true.

    He also asserts that Pres. Bush exhibits an explosive temper, doesn't read newspapers, is ill-informed, and not very bright.

    "Bush Interpreter Says W Uses An Earpiece"
  14. As an avid reader of spy thrillers, I doubt that this is feasible.

    Frequency skipping technology would make the transmission undetectable and impossible to hack.