Was Bluebottle a Walt?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Victorian_Major, Dec 30, 2006.

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  1. Christmastide style argument over the port... (and if you have to ask, you'll never know, etc)

    Was Bluebottle a Walt? It seems to me that he knew some things that you just couldn't pick up by just listening in, i.e. how to disarm people with custard, spaghetti, etc. But there was a lot of hamming it up with cardboard and parcel string with no black masking tape in sight.

    Also he sounded a bit camp. Eccles sounded really SF though.

  2. No! Bluebottle was a member of a very special SF roled Boy Scout Troop. The Troop was originally founded in South Africa in the Boer War to provide comforts to 49 Para companies which had jumped into the Transvaal to secure the Boer sjambok factories.
  3. Well, he frequently addressed Hairy Seagoon as 'My capting', he dreamed of heroism and the effect it would have on the girls of his acquaintance and he objected to being deaded - I think there is a case to answer.

    Eccles, on the other hand, wasn't pretending to be anything he wasn't - idiot, through and through.

    For me, the real question is this - was Bloodnok a walt? He talked the talk (of a cashiered paymaster) but the units he talked about sounded very 49 Para-ish - things like Roper's Light Horse and the Poona Rifles.
  4. Knew a chap once whose father had commanded the Poona Light Horse - he never mentioned Bloodnok.
  5. I think it is more likely he was RAF regiment as his creator was of the sideways walking persuasion :D
  6. so deffinately a walt then :D
  7. No way a walt.

    His lust for "Sabrina" and his fear of Bloodnok and Hercules Gryptite-Thynne show him to be a well balanced and thoroughly credible individual.

    Walt? not a chance, Bluebottle is real AND ally
  8. Ying Tong, Ying Tong, Ying Tong, Ying Tong, Ying Tong iddle I po!

    Ying Tong, Ying Tong, Ying Tong, iddle I po, iddle I po!
  9. Little Jim was the rock ape - or pebble monkey. He had a ridiculous fear of water, remember. I was always told that the RAF Regt were wannabe Royal Marines who didn't like getting wet!
  10. According to Harry Seccombe he was based on a very weird Boy Scout with distint military leanings q.e.d. WALT
  11. Hang on, who was the garrison commander at the Burami Oasis? Wasn't it Bloodnock? Assuming it was indeed a historical recounting, surely that is evidence that he was not a walt?

  12. I've heard he was a crack pistol shot and was involved with the Regiment when they were first tasked with the CT role and needed to develop CQB techniques.

    Not sure of the specific background from WWII tho.
  13. Not much detail available from what I understand. Some info here.
  14. Can I phone Glasgow and yell "You rotten swine you" at them, followed by sound fx of large explosion (preferably at their end).
  15. Whenever I called they were always 'round the back on the brandy.'