"Warzone" 2100 hrs Channel 5


Interesting write up - "a new squadron of recruits arrives from the UK"

Glad to see that they are making basic training more realistic :D
blankspace said:

Not sure if this has been posted, 8 part series following soldiers in Kandahar
Its on Channel 5.
On now - monkeys go feck all else to do but get the speed gun out!
Their ablutions are better than the ones we've got in the mess!!!!
Who do you think tasks the monkeys to do speed checks?
Only a 5 hr delay - they got off lightly!
Watching it now, and i just spat my tea all over the carpet.....anyone see the hybrid snatch and wmiik thing. Apparently it will give them more protection, what f*cking planet are our glorious leaders on. I,ll email that cnut some pictures of some wmiiks where a driver and commander used to sit. And now they have a lovely new roof to snap their neck on the way up as well... :x

Nobbers the lot, and the crabs look like right bunch of tossers

anyway medication time :wink:
Shite. Utter fucking shite. If I have to listen to that Welsh and her "hardships" i'm going to smash the telly. Still I'd bang her
Any Good?

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