Wartime Motorcycle news

Is anyone aware of a MCN archive , I beleive my Grandfather was on the cover of MCN as a dispatcher with Artillery before he joined the Airborne.

I have tried every combination of net search but wondered if the wiser heads here had any other clues?
I would not have thought the MCN appeared before early 60's.
The Blue un, and the Green un, where the Motorcycle weeklys of WW II.
john The Motor Cycle & Motorcycling bening the Green and Blue due to colour of Cover.
Tend to agree with john, my recollection of MCN was as a newspaper, not a magazine ergo no cover? Perhaps it was Motor Cycle or Motorcycling as suggested? Course, all the lads took Motorcycle Mechanics Magazine when it launched 195?, at least till editor Ian Speller got killed in a crash. Anon.

Ahh understood , clearly I have been looking for the wrong publication . Thank you for your help . I shall change tack with my research.
If you're anywhere near London then make a visit to the British Library; they will almost certainly have a copy of all WWII-era Motorcycle magazines.

Best to check their online catalogue beforehand to make sure they have it though.

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