For the cadets and civvies amongst us, Warsteiner (wobbly) is the true Kaiser of Beers and it changed my life - namely by showing me that even the ugliest frau is only 6 wobblies and a gyros away from Heidi Klum-esque perfection, and by further revealing that her 6'5" be-swastika'd boyfriend is only another 2 wobblies away from getting his cnut kicked in by my superior Kung Fu.

But what I'm asking is this: does anyone know how to go about organising a wet tour of the brewery itself? I've tried the interweb; IGS doesn't let me see the Deutsh page and das Filthy Englander Pig-Dog page says nothing about a brewery tour. I happen to be visiting the area with some young, impressionable chums in the near future; I want to see the moment when, 8 steins in, the worm turns and they start assaulting the nearest Polizei wagon like it's a Normandy pillbox. It will be life affirming :D

Any phone numbers/web links will be gratefully received.
It seems that a 60 minute tour is run SEVEN times a day.
And Warsteiner Welt is open from 1130 until 2100 7 days a week.
Cheers, I got as far as finding the website, but I understood that they ran a more tailored tour culminating in a bratty lunch if you knew who/how to ask. Or am I get confused with Herforder?
It doesn't mention it on the German site. There's a bus called a S'Teamer so to reflect that you will hopefully be S'Teaming after some free beer though it doesn't actually mention that either.

I know Paderborner does something like that as I was almost impaled on a bockie sticking out of pea soup that was served in chunks. You just got merrily pished as they played their latest propaganda film but in the end I walked out of there (eventually) suitably informed and suitably refreshed.

I think I puked on the coach on the way back but all these memories are bringing a lump to my throat so I won't go on.
8th Jan 1998,my first tour in Germany & my first taste of Wobbly & Currywurst (although not in the same glass!)
Happy days!
The last time I drank Wobbly was in Bremen in 1989. Two of the lads I went there with 'disappeared' after drinking litres of the stuff just prior to our return to camp.

One of the MIA was found by the military police three months later, attempting to board a UK flight from Hanover. He had been spotted in the airport by his Tp OC.

The other chap was reunited with his buddy a few weeks later in Colchester MCTC after being discovered working in a German fruit & veg market.

Obviously they may have went AWOL due to an intense dislike of the Army, but for the purpose of this thread it was caused by Wobbly poisoning.
Ein Koenigen unter den bieren...or something like that!!.. I met my wife because of wobbly!! she was a barmaid...ah such a sweet Girl, such sweet bliss...she fecked off with an armoured twot when I was in Bos!!

However I will never blame the wobbly for my tale of sorrow!!
I did a trip down to Warsteiner brewery in 2001. If I remember rightly they allowed groups of up to 20 to visit. It didn’t cost us much, about 5 euros per head which also included the transport down from Munster (curse you GTO’s for not laying on free transport). On arrival we were put in the guided tour train, after a quick tour of the brewery we moved up to the restaurant where we were each given a small stein.
In order to keep your drink flowing you had to exchange your stein each time (which wasn’t a bad thing) but as some found out not stein no wobbly, oh and they also had some food laid on which made some form of attempt to sober us up. They do try and move you on after an hour in the bar but we managed to stay a little longer.
All in all we had a great time, they worked on a policy of at least one of you will leave drinking there produce (even if it is only a little bit)

Warsteiner is considered a poofy beer by ze Zjermans.
I like the not so bitter taste of it though.
Most Germans stick to Veltins,Krombacher,Bitburger und so weiter..
Cloggie said:
Warsteiner is considered a poofy beer by ze Zjermans.
I like the not so bitter taste of it though.
Most Germans stick to Veltins,Krombacher,Bitburger und so weiter..
What would they know? They've had their sh1t pushed in by everyone from the Visigoths to Bader Meinhof.
Cloggie said:
Warsteiner is considered a poofy beer by ze Zjermans.
I like the not so bitter taste of it though.
Most Germans stick to Veltins,Krombacher,Bitburger und so weiter..
I used to like the Bitburger as well.The Alt beer tho was my favorite!Could'nt understand those who'd go into the NAAFI & drink Carling,Bass or other English beers...
I remember my uncle proudly annoucing at the Miners Arms in Sling, Gloucestershire, which is a pub NOT an RTA that they had a new German beer to try.

A spotty barman enthused about the Werstiener until I put him right.

Best pint of Werstiener I've ever had. Warsteiner isn't bad either.
sea-king said:
Warsteiner is truly crap beer, come to Munich, home of reall beer-culture. :thumright:
Warsteiner is a bit of a girlie beer, My poison of choice was always Dortmunder Union Export. Many a blank memory after that stuff.
Wobbly was still only one euro a can in summer 2005 - how can you argue with that? Have hazy memories of being several wobblies in and wondering what country I was in (I'd only been there a couple of days).

Is it true it makes you go blind? My deteriorating eyesight seems to be linked with two weeks of excessive wobbly consumption.

Never trapped a frau while wobblied mind, much to my lasting disgrace.

Let us know how the visit goes rtfq
I remember doing the warsteiner Brewery in the 90s, wasn't the best brewery trip I've done but all in all was good value food & beer what more could you want???

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