Warship is back 21:00 (tonight) Monday Channel 5

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by MiKe19, Aug 31, 2009.

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  1. Documentary filmed aboard the amphibious warship HMS Bulwark. The 300-strong crew of the Bulwark stop in the Bay of Bengal on their way to the far east. Marines practise an amphibious landing on the coast of Bangladesh, while problems with the ship's fresh-water plant force the vessel to make a detour.
  2. Oops, sorry! I thought this was a thread about the re-introduction of religious services.

  3. Early days yet with it being the first episode but much better than the last series which just looked like a "jolly" round the Med on an aircraft carrier.Hope the Bootneck learned to keep his flip-flops on the next time he goes on the piss,the burnt feet looked a bit sore.
  4. Was this the same programme that focussed on the slapper WRN and her on-board 'romance' whislt her fiance stayed at home? If I was that poor sack, I would have welcomed her home with a hug and kick in the fecking ovaries. If it is, it showed the bloody Navy up in a poor light. If I recall they spent the whole voyage looking for somewhere quiet to shag. I might be wrong, if so, I might watch it.
  5. In one of the trailer/clips we see a booty wearing Digicam DPM?

    (assuming he was a booty, and not an ally from a local unit, couldn't see his face)
  6. The Marines were doing drills with Bangladeshi troops and Naval boarding party with Bangladeshi Navy,never saw any digi-cam last night.The the previews say that further excercises in Singapore and Brunei later,so maybe the Septics are involved.
  7. Didn't see any crimpelene dresses or roll mats though
  8. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    How come I have never been given a goodie bag after a "difficult" 72 hour exercise?
  9. but there were rather fetching pink and purple washkits!
  10. I personally thought "Ice Patrol" about HMS Endurance shown recently (on Discovery?) was better.
  11. Probably becase you weren't being filmed for TV?
  12. Mostly because the reason the Booties got a goodie bag was, in part, training for the ship which, assuming we did a Falklands, would have marines filtering through fairly regularly needing said goodies whilst being prepped for being sent back out again.
  13. Just watched the second episode and they had a Man over board alarm, Not a drill it seems but after confirming that everyone on board was accounted for they steamed on with no more mention of it.
    No investigation into who pressed the alarm was seen.
    I would have thought the captain would have been screaming his balls off to find the culprit.
  14. This program has been better than others until tonight. This bloody Navy Matron, complaining about moving a dead body that has been recovered from sea (local fisherman). You had to watch it but eyes were rolling!!

    Just to add, Merlins leak like a sieve by looks of it!
  15. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    How annoying was she? Good job it wasnt hers they were trying to recover!