"Warship" - 1970's BBC TV Production - Video / DVD?

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by Sig Smith, Jan 17, 2012.

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  1. Hi,

    looking for at least one episode of the above series.

    Also, an good quality MP3 copy of the theme music (er well its also called Warship and the TV Series theme was done by an RM Band).

    Watched it as a youngster here in Aus, and may well have influenced my choice to join the RAN in 1979.

    The theme music alone will make me happy :)



    PS apologies if I should have posted elsewhere.
  2. i remember it..
    it was about a leander class frigate..
    i am certain that the theme music was by rod stewart..
  3. g'day enterprise,

    thanks for your interest

    definitely about a Leander Frigate, they used side number F42 HMS Phoebe, but used other Leanders as fill ins, and also used HMAS Derwent (for shooting in Singapore and Hong Kong), a River Class, same as the RN Leander Class
    From my memory the opening theme was a military march, performed by an RM Band.

    Theme wise, you may well be thinking of the UK Show also of the late 70s, Sailor, about the paying off voyage of the then HMS Ark Royal, which indeed had Rod Stewart's Sailing as the opening theme. I digress here to say that I watched the Sailor series in 1979 on the Aus ABC as it was compulsory viewing as Year 1 RAN Apprentices. Our Divisional Staff did a Clear Lower Deck To The TV Room for each episode, broadcast at night time.

    My favourite line from the whole series is from a mid sea concert party skit of the Magic Roundabout, with the RM Band playing the theme, and the narator saying: "Oh FCUK said Dougal, as he fell off the Magic Roundabout".

    Ah, memories of a 16 YO! :)
  4. PE4 - well done that man!

    Thanks .. hadn't seen it, and yes, I should have looked there.

  5. Loved it!
    Bit of nostalgia, used to watch it with my late father, himself a serving matelot of 22yrs.
    He got me David Saville's (Lt Cmdr Beaumont) autograph when he was visiting on one of the RFA's ships for a a RAS. Good memories.
  6. I was watching this the other day :) HMS Phoebe was used for series one with fill ins from others, HMS Danae (F47) was used for series 2 (interestingly long before she was fitted out for Exocet).
  7. Thanks all for your help and comments.

    JUst watched episode that PE4 sent the link for, really enjoyed it.

    No doubt I can get the audio converted for the theme.

  8. Linky
  9. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Gosh, THANKS for that link to the Warship episode. Fair brought it all back. I served in a Leander 1966-8 although of course we were NEVER 'sunk'.
  10. S'alright mate, statute of limitation ran out ages ago...
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    An arsers Late father in Law was the captain of the grey war canoe used for the filming! I have seen some interesting memorabilia!
  12. The theme tune wasn't "Sailing" as described (that was used for the documentary of Ark Royal), the music for Warship was....er, "Warship" by Band of HM Royal Marines. Can be found on many Booty Band CDs.
  13. excellent - took me back. Old time served squaddie s/sgt coming home from pub to very young Kromeriz - why are you not in bed... it.s warship Dad... Oh, er, well, Ma, any tea with cream crackers and cheese... coming up love.

    Miss the old git.

    Takes me back to the mono syllabic language that was Anglo Saxon

  14. Sorry, but got to be a bit pedantic here. I did the last voyage on the Ark (1978 I think); the 'Sailor' series was filmed on a previous trip in 1976. Saying that, Rod did visit on that last trip, in Gib I think it was. When we got back to Guz, he'd donated a couple of boxes of red vinyl 'Sailing' singles. Dockyard mateys snaffled a lot of them, I managed to grab two, but have since lost them.