Warsaw Pact Invasion Plan 1964

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by HarryPalmer, Nov 5, 2007.

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  1. This is scary stuff; the Czechoslovakian Army's part in the invasion of Western Europe. It's the 1964 plan but it remained fundamentally the same up to the early eighties.

    Basically the Czechoslovak part was to march through West Germany and France, reaching the Atlantic coast by the ninth day of hostilities. To help them along, the Russians were going to carpet the route beforehand with an array of nuclear warheads.

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    Vienna, Munich, Verona, and other European population and cultural centers were to be “completely destroyed,” according to 1965 Warsaw Pact plans for war in Europe made public today on the Zurich-based web site of the Parallel History Project on NATO and the Warsaw Pact (PHP)?an international consortium of scholars dedicated to the study of the historical background of European security, www.isn.ethz.ch/php.

    Found in the Hungarian archives, the documents are vivid reminders of the menace posed by the Cold War nuclear arsenals that Presidents Bush and Putin are only now beginning to significantly dismantle. Also published on the website is a confidential report from 1981 in which Soviet minister of defense Marshal Dmitri Ustinov identifies the Soviet SS-20 missiles as tools of the nuclear destruction of strategic targets in “all European NATO states.”

    Although Western European cities were always suspected as being targeted, this is the first time that obliteration of specific cities is confirmed from top-secret planning records. The Hungarian document describes a highest-level command exercise indistinguishable from actual war plans?such as was the 1964 Warsaw Pact plan for an attack on Western Europe published on the PHP website in May 2000.

    The main findings:

    1. The Warsaw Pact planners never clarified whether the launching of nuclear weapons should precede or follow a surprise nuclear attack by the enemy?the crucial ambiguity that beset also NATO planners, casting doubt on the validity of nuclear deterrence.

    2. The Warsaw Pact plans presumed the destruction of Budapest and other Hungarian cities by NATO nuclear bombs but did not elaborate on the consequences.

    3. In the event of war, the Warsaw Pact forces were prepared to ignore the neutrality of Austria on the assumption NATO would ignore it as well.

    4. The detailed descriptions of probable Western military operations in the exercise suggest its authors having had access, through Warsaw Pact spies, to NATO’s top-secret plans for war, none of which has been made public thus far.

    5. The plans for nuclear war in Europe remained in effect despite the ups and downs of East-West détente.

    Visit the PHP website at http://www.isn.ethz.ch/php to read the documents in the original and in English translation, and to find out more about the PHP’s other activities. Introductory essays by Imre Okváth, Leopoldo Nuti, and Erwin Schmidl address the Hungarian, Italian, and Austrian aspects of the Warsaw Pact operations. The Ustinov document was found in the German military archives in Freiburg by PHD coordinator Vojtech Mastny. The website is part of the International Relations and Security Network (ISN), operated by the Swiss Center for Security Studies and Conflict Research at ETH Zurich as a major Swiss contribution to NATO’s Partnership for Peace.

    For further information, contact: Csaba Békés, director, Cold War History Research Center, phone 1-212-998-3621, Cb91@nyu.edu, or Vojtech Mastny, PHP coordinator, phone 1-703-469-1777, VMastny@aol.com.
  4. Does anybody genuinely belive that the Czechoslovakian Army would get out of bed for the Russkies and march across radioactive glass for nine days to try a channel dash against the West who they embraced the moment they could back in 1989?

    Do me a favour, the only reliable Warsaw Pact Allies the Sovs had were the East Germans, who being Germans when given orders.....
  5. The Czechs attempted to rebel and withdraw from the WP in 1968, but Moscow didn't give them any choice in the matter.

    Whether the Czechs would have moved or not wouldn't have dissuaded the Soviets from carrying out the nuclear part of the plan.
  6. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    This plan envisages them moving pretty damn fast through some nasty (all right, scenic, bosky, picturesque) countryside, often against the grain of the land, through a S. Germany full of VERY pissed-off Germans, with every bridge of consequence being mined.

    Lyons in 9 days? Not a hope.
  7. Not to mention the fact that standard WP NBC kit was basically a rubber gimp suit which offered no protection whatever against radioactivity.

    The really scary thing about this plan was that people high up in the USSR thought that it was feasible at all.

    Reading the Czechoslovak war plan, I am not the least bit surprised at its bold outlines, certainly not its heavy dependence on nuclear weapons. And whether or not it could have succeeded, I am fairly confident that the Soviet forces involved would have acted according to it. By the mid-1960s Soviet units in Germany had the new armor and motorized capabilities essential for such operations. The East German forces were not as modern but probably able to keep up with Soviet forces if they were winning. Whether the Czech forces could have played their part according to the plan is far more questionable in my view.

    A decade later I would learn that the Soviet forces probably did not have adequate motor transport – i.e., trucks – to supply the scale of deep operations envisioned in this Czech war plan. By the late 1970s, however, that assessment was revised to suggest that they had acquired enough trucks to give such war plans a serious chance of success.

  8. Were not our defences planned on the fact they had these prescise plans
    and if we even managed to throw the timings off by a little while, it all ground to a halt ?
  9. Not really, its a fairly standard 'they will greet us with kisses and flowers' (so we don't have to plan for an aftermath) mindset, not exactly unknown today.
  10. I am sure there were some Porton Down tests on WP NBC kit which gave around 20 minutes activity before heat exhaustion caused collapse.
  11. Their own assessment of NATO intentions:

    1. Conclusions from the assessment of the enemyThe enemy could use up to 12 general military units on the Central European military theater for advancing in the area of the Czechoslovak Front from D1 to D 7-8.

    -- The 2nd Army Corps of the FRG [Federal Republic of Germany] including: 4th and 10th mechanized divisions, 12th tank division, 1st airborne division and 1st mountain division,

    -- the 7th Army Corps of the USA including: the 24th mechanized division and 4th armored tank division;

    -- the 1st Army of France including: 3rd mechanized division, the 1st and 7th tank divisions, and up to two newly deployed units, including 6 launchers of tactical missiles, up to 130 theater launchers and artillery, and up to 2800 tanks.

    Operations of the ground troops could be supported by part of the 40th Air Force, with up to 900 aircraft, including 250 bombers and up to 40 airborne missile launchers.

    Judging by the composition of the group of NATO troops and our assessment of the exercises undertaken by the NATO command, one could anticipate the design of the enemy's actions with the following goals.

    To disorganize the leadership of the state and to undermine mobilization of armed forces by surprise nuclear strikes against the main political and economic centers of the country.

    To critically change the correlation of forces in its own favor by strikes against the troops, airfields and communication centers.

    To destroy the border troops of the Czechoslovak People’s Army in border battles, and to destroy the main group of our troops in the Western and Central Czech Lands by building upon the initial attack.

    To disrupt the arrival of strategic reserves in the regions of Krkonoše, Jeseníky, and Moravská Brána by nuclear strikes against targets deep in our territory and by sending airborne assault troops; to create conditions for a successful attainment of the goals of the operation.

    Judging by the enemy's approximate operative design, the combat actions of both sides in the initial period of the war will have a character of forward contact battles.

    The operative group of the enemy in the southern part of the FRG will force the NATO command to gradually engage a number of their units in the battle, which will create an opportunity for the Czechoslovak Front to defeat NATO forces unit by unit. At the same time, that would require building a powerful first echelon in the operative structure of the Front; and to achieve success it would require building up reserves that would be capable of mobilizing very quickly and move into the area of military action in a very short time.
  12. And STILL we have people in this country who are full of admiration for the Soviet Union and communism et al. I suspect quite a few of them in this disreputable government to boot !
  13. There's not a single Soviet plan available to us so we've no idea what they were thinking.

    All the 'hard' plans were removed from the Central Group of Forces HQ when they left.

    We know what their satellites thought, and at the time the Czechs had no way of carrying out this fantasy, 'cos that's what this is. A plan prepared by the Czechoslovakian People's Army for the Czechoslovakian Government. Interesting I suppose but no more than that.

    There's a good site here http://www.php.isn.ethz.ch/

    And in general I'd look up Deep Battle, Deep Operations & Operational Art for a feeling of the likely techniques they'd have used if it had ever gone hot.
  14. This is typical of the white reactionary attitude that would come from one of the jackbooted militaristic stooges of the white capitalistic oppressor class, and its insistence that the VICTIMS of thousand of years of white, capitalistic, imperialist, exploitation accept yet more slavery by way of consumerist bondage labelled ‘integrate’. The white capitalistic oppressor class and its jackbooted militaristic stooges sneeringly refer to the reparations returned to these VICTIMS for thousands of years of white, capitalistic, imperialist, exploitation as welfare when in fact this pittance is only a fraction of what the white race owes the downtrodden.
  15. I remember taking part in a two day exercise in the Home Counties back in the early 60s. The planners had chosen the hottest weekend of what was an already hot summer and to simulate the wearing of a hazard suit, we had to wear battle dress and our greatcoats buttoned right up. Our Bedford RLs had to be kept closed up and we were not allowed to pull the windows down or open any vents and kindly souls were stationed at various points to check we were buttoned up. I must have lost about half of my body weight and my co driver melted away completely, never to be seen again. Still, it kept the reds at bay so I suppose it was worth it, they don't make summers like that anymore, etc,etc.