What was your oppinion on the film warriors? I think its telling of the horrific conditions in the former Yugoslavia and the trouble the soldiers faced on their return home is heart felt and that the film is monderfully directed.
Got it on DVD a few months ago, yeah very well done,can't comment on the accurracy of it as I did'nt serve there but it looked pretty realistic.
For those who have not seen it, its on youtube.
Personally I thought it was an excellent programme and would recommend it to anyone.
Very gripping and very moving.
In fact I still cant believe a film like this was screened on the Western network of Al Jazeera (formerly the BBC)
Some minor errors (bullet holes in perfectly straight lines, etc.) but managed to convey the frustration and helplessness of the situation pretty well. It also got the brutality of the war over well enough that I don't want the missus to watch it anyway.
captures the feeling of utter frustration from ordinary squaddies at not being able to influence things happening on the ground.showed how limited the u.n. were at that time and probably still are today.pretty realistic from this point of view.

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