Please can you edit the link so that it works?

I'm far less concerned about the barefaced lies that their choice of words convey as I am about the choice of photographs they've used on their home page. The chap in the desert combats aiming his SA80 is actually a Fusilier Pl Sgt from the 1 RRF BG that did Op TELIC 1!!

Nice one.

Agreed, they have been made to sound like a rugby league team, no doubt due to advertising psychology trying to reach out to their recruiting area.

Although it is hugely ironic! as Wigan is in Lancashire.
Not only is the photo not quite an accurate portrayal of the YORKS, but the photo associated with 'Air Assault' is clearly a Royal Marine with a Sea King...

Edited to add image and amplify bayonet-mouse's point (below) they have airburshed out the fusilier flashes!
Bloody hell! I've only just looked at the Battalions page on the Yorkies website, and not only do they have a Fusilier on their main page, but they've got one standing in for their 2nd Battalion as well!!

If I was in their mob I'd be a bit miffed with their RHQ.
re-baged, re-branded and a complete shoddy mess. Some muppet is really taking the p1ss
The Sea King pic is from ARF training at BAS last year. They're TA boys from EWRR I am reliably informed,
I've even been forwarded some other pics from the series and they are not booties.
The 2nd Bn photo is quite well known as a (then) Fusilier lance-jack though.

However, I agree whole-heartedly with the PR [shite] comments.
I was just admiring the nice piece of airbrushing on the First Fusiliers soldiers helmet flash the one we're supposed to think is in 2 YORKS). That takes some front
Its Happened and Im sad, It wont affect the way we work but I question why when we have not changed our orbat, I think the capbadge is better than the Lancs badge, for all the PWO,GH guys Its nice to be paired with you we now each other anyway quite well but 3 battalions are uniquie in there traditions and quircks, What im happy about is that amount of recruits we should recruit as other non yorkshire regiments have been on our patch for years, Lets fill the platoons and go forward and spread the work.

well make it work,we always do

Duke 3376 :?

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