warriors in afghan

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Chris_2oo6, Jul 19, 2008.

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  1. been told we're deploying on herrick 11 next year

    just wondering if anyones been out in the 'stan in the armoured role and how well the warriors worked over there??? only recently started operating if i remember rightly???

    ive got a tour under my belt (telic 10) so got a lil experience, but just wondering how much telic and herrick tours differ...

    cheers. :)
  2. anyone?????????
  3. I'll chuck my two cents in as no one else has, now I'm not serving but I'm fairly certain the first to operate Warriors in AFG were Right Flank Scots Guards so if you can track down a guardsman you might have some luck.
    Sorry if this is no help at all!
  4. Check your PMs. Opsec and all that.
  5. If I pass out from basic and phase 2 training I'm hoping to make it to the Queens Royal Hussars, does anyone know if they've been informed of deployment next year? PM by all means, opsec is utmost :)
  6. Opsec??? You're not even in the Army yet.

    If someone were to PM you info then they'd be just as stupid as.....well.....I dunno??.....something really stupid!

    You could be anyone.......journo......terrorist........loser.....whatever.....and you want someone on here to PM you possible deployment info??

    Have a word with yourself.
  7. Get over yourself... I was asking a simple question, a simple answer like, no, would suffice.

  8. Wind your neck in your horrible little gobshite crow

    I can see laps of the tank park with the 'shell' for you my boy.....

    If you pass out
  9. just seemed a bit rude thats all,i understand though
  10. I wasn't being rude. You'd know if I had been :)
  11. haha ok man,sorry for soundin like a prat! as it happens,isn't there a serious amount of warriors out of service at the moment? I think I read it in Soldier or Camouflage
  12. "Serious amount of Warriors out of service" I don't think so sonny, Don't believe everything you read in the glossy magazines.
  13. I'm just reading this from july's 'Solder'

    "A quarter of all of the Army's Warrior vehicle fleet has either been destroyed is out of commission because of maintenance, Armed Forces Minister Bob Ainsworth has told the commons.

    Responding to a question from MP Nick Harvey, Mr Ainsworth revealed that 26 percent of the 793 strong Warrior line-up was not fit for purpose.

    In addition 40 percent of the 1,200 Scimitar CVR(T) vehicles were unavailable, although Challenger 2 MBT Saxon numbers were up at full strength.

    Mr Ainsworth confirmed that the out-of-service figures included vehicles undergoing major repairs, awaiting disposal and those destroyed on operations."
  14. Before you get into another argument about something you know feck all about, in any fleet of vehicles weather they are Land Rovers or Warrior you will get a certain percentage which is deemed "out of service" this could be for any number of reasons, not least overdue maintenance, this could be either a major service or simply requiring new track pads. Most (not all) destroyed Afv's will go back through base overhaul and be returned to service.

    All this you will come to find out when you eventually join up, and well done for quoting out of a glossy magazine.