Discussion in 'REME' started by Knackers01, May 15, 2008.

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  1. Hey all, doing my final project for class 1, a comparison between Chally 2 and Warrior. Need a little help with it.

    Does anyone know what the Warrior gearbox is called. e.g. TN54e for Challenger etc.
    Also what sight does the driver get when the warrior is fitted with BGTI?


  2. I can't believe you are on a course at Bordon and this information is not at your fingertips, or is it really that bad?!

    Gearbox is X300-4B.

    Don't know about the sight, pre-BGTI tradesman.
  3. Not at Bordon actually, i'm a tech at SEAE. They had to give us a project which involved equipments at our next units. My part is the Warrior and the other is Chally.
    We got most of the stuff on Chally from the tech library but the Warrior stuff is limited to BGTI.

    Thanks for the info anyway.
  4. Dvr retains his L7A1 night sight and if he retains the old hatch it is the peri No 43 mk3.

    Modified hatch with three daylight periscopes
  5. The driver does however gain a navigation display unit thing in his compartment, fitted slightly above the DIP.