Discussion in 'Infantry' started by aj2307, Dec 11, 2006.

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  1. how might one become a crewman of a warrior IFV please?

    from my home to the vehicle would be helpful :)
  2. go to your nearest Army Careers Office and join the Infantry. Complete basic training and request to join an armored battalion of your regiment. After a few months as a rifleman in a section request a Warrior drivers course. Complete the course and wait to be posted as a driver. Time scale is approx 1 year but depends alot on circumstances of your battalion, course availability and vacancies.
  3. Whereabouts in the country are you??? For example If you are located in the north east or the midlands, the 1st Battalion, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers would be a good choice for you. Also Scots Guards and The Rifles to name but a few, have armoured infantry units. Best bet is to chat to a recruiter online or go to your local Army careers office. www.army.mod.uk
    Good Luck

    Cheers Easy!
  4. skinn im in hull...so north east yeah.when asked what i want to do in the army what do i say?
  5. Say I want to be a Fusilier in the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, and Join the First Bn in Germany and ride around the world in a Warrior like a god in human form. That should do it for you son.
  6. See... That was easy. Now go buy a map of Salisbury Plain and Suffield!

  7. i couldnt have said any better :D
  8. Well, its good to see the that the Fusiliers are well supported on this site!!!! Thats just one option for you mate. I don't know how long the Fusiliers (1st battalion) will be based in Germany for or how long they will stay in the Warrior role. The next step is to go and speak to the guys at the recruiting office, they might have a guy from the fusiliers at your local office so ask if its possible to have a chat with him. Check out the Fusilier website first to try and get a feel for the Regiment and what its about, heres the link: http://www.army.mod.uk/fusiliers/battalions/1st_battalion/index.htm

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.

    Cheers Easy!
  9. Say I want to be a Rifleman in the Yorkshire Regt, and Join the Third Bn in Warminster and ride around the world in a Warrior like a god in human form. That should do it for you son, And you'll be with fellow yorkshiremen. :)
  10. Agreed "Once a Fusilier always a Fusilier"
  11. Till 2009, and will remain Armoured after 2009
  12. Do you have a few vacancies now? :wink: