"Warrior Women" in the Daily Telegraph

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by JoeCivvie, Apr 2, 2010.

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  1. Slack bit of journalism, in amongst real heroic women we have the Amazons, that were a figment of someone's imagination, Mulan and bloody GI Jane, I know journos have to pad their stories out but a bit of work could have replaced the fictional crap with more worthy candidates

    Unfortunately cheapens the whole article
  2. seaweed

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  3. BuggerAll

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    I heard an interesting R4 program about Bodicia the other day. There is slightly more evidence for her existence than for Jesus but not a lot. Many of these mythical figures from the past may not have existed at all or their stories have become amalgamations of other stories to make them meaningless.

    They tell us more about the people who invented them than they do about anything else.
  4. ancienturion

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    I'm a bit wary of the Telegraph nowadays. It seems to be heading the way of the Mail with it's "by women, about women, for women" attitude. Definitely New Conservative for the chattering urban classes who need a countryside to play with.
    It's a shame it seems to have lost the way with KIAs and most mil info tucked away inside and the modern media method of abbreviations (eg 1 Rifles) reflects the average civvy attitude toward HM Forces.
  5. That's the one! aka Kit Cavanagh

  6. Nails, the pair of them. Painted Nails, maybe, but ...

    Reinforces my view that a woman's place is in the forest slitting throats (provided my cup of tea is ready first) :D
  7. Perhaps they might have been the two ladies that Muhandis89 descibes meeing in the particularly Caubeen sprinkled SF Club Thread.

  8. Fcuk me, poor bloke does a runner from a psycho-hosebeast, and she joins the Army to hunt him down. 13 years she looked for him, fcuking mad bint.
  9. The 'Warrior Woman' of my adulthood (thus excusing my ignorance of the heroines of the Second War War) is:

    Margaret Hilda Roberts. This lady is a serious 'warrior'.

    The 'Woman' I most respect, a lady actually, is: Elizabeth Alexandra Mary of York. This lady is a serious lady.

    PS: 'Woman' in modern English is not a particularly honorific form of address. However, in direct translation from the Ancient Hebrew and Greek it is an honorific.

    Nevertheless, I am not comfortable in describing my Sovereign as a 'woman'. Similarly, I am equally uncomfortable in describing the greatest politician in my life-time as anything other than a lady.

    PS: Dissenters - eat your hearts out! - and know you are wrong!