Warrior mk2 vs. sneeker mk 2?

Hey all, first post here.

I've been mulling over 2 different pairs of boots and wasn't quite sure which to buy.

I wanted to get the warriors, but i only have 1 issue with them, and it's that it seems to be a shorter cut than the sneekers and quite a few other boots out on the market.

Then i considered the sneekers, however, i have 3 issues with it. The soft leather on the heel seems to provide less ankle support. The tongue is made of cordura, and it appears to let water seep in a little too easily for comfort, and finally, i've heard that the sneekers sole is on the softer side and as such, tends to wear out a little faster.

I was also going to get the new line of brown boots. Any views on that? It's mostly for personal tabbing, hiking and jungle wear, and it tends to be hot and humid here, but a little heat never bugged me too much.

Well that's the thing, I've went through the lot (lurkin for the past couple days on that thread alone) and i've still not got my mind made. I know you hate alt bergs though, but the site i order from only have 1 desert boot for lowa's, magnums, and i was eyeing the brown ones from alt berg anyways.
Go on intelligent armour website.
I can' buy from intelligent armour, or any other site for that matter. I bought a pair of boots that were fault about 2 months ago, and had them sent back, and if Magnum finds them to be faulty indeed, then i'd get store credits and shipping back to me for free. I reckon i'd settle for the warriors though. I'd rather have something short and tough rather then have something long and flappy that'd tear easier... (if you know what i mean)
So you want advice but when told of a massive thread about boots you say it isn't any use. I tell you of a good website and you say you that you can't buy from any site.

What exactly do you want? Someone to hold your hand and take you from shop to shop helping you try them on?
Yes, the advice is insufficient for me to make a decision. I can buy from 1 website only, for reasons I've already stated. If i could go to the shop and try it on, i wouldn't be here, but any shop carrying alt bergs or lowa's is probably thousands of clicks away, so if that someone has a private jet who is willing to fly me there while he's holding my hand, i'd be more than grateful.

Don't get me, wrong, i'm eternally grateful for all the advice I've read already, so if anyone has or still does own either of these boots, some of your views and reviews, and links would be greatly appreciated.
Strange. My version of the Internet allows me to buy from shops that have a return policy.

Lowa patrols are the best all rounders IMO. You can buy them on the websites you can't use.
I am amazed at the number of posts on here about boots. I started to climb wearing Tricouni nails, click scrape, but the taught good foot placement. I remember the day I got my first pair of commando soled Vibrams, Oh joy was I the kid, Everest here we come. I very much doubt if any young guys posting on here would even use them for gardening nowadays. No bellow tongue, no padding just thin leather, no hooks or fancy D ring lace up systems, just lace holes. They leaked like sieves, and an essential in any hill sack especially in winter was a couple of pairs of spare socks. They were "Bendy" no plate in the sole so rock climbing in them especially on thin stuff was sometimes a bit of a challenge.
You lucky buggers with all this modern kit don't know your born, but I must admit so much choice must present a few problems. I bet you spent more time agonising on what to buy than you do actually hoofing it. :)
Anyway just to show you that there is nothing new about the great boot debate I thought some of you might not know this old song.

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Sarge, I'd like nothing more than to have options of other choice. As it is, if i stick to the site i ordered from, i'd get return shipping free, and i'm not about to lose out on 50 pounds as i'm based halfway around the globe. I was eyeing the Lowa combat boot, but they don't carry it in either desert or brown, which is why i'm leaning for alt bergs.

K42, I was actually wondering what the tongue feature that's covered on both sides was called, and it appears you've answered my question for me.

If someone was so kind as to let me know if the sepia warrior mark 2's came with bellows tongue, last thing i want is water seeping trough the tongue.

I have both but in black. Warrior and sneekers have the same sole I think..? Sneeker is not even slightly waterproof and is very light and flexible - designed for running really. Warrior is a field boot, weighs about the same(ish) as CABs, is more supportive than the sneeker, but aren't as tall. Ideally I would want something inbetween the two, light enough to make a difference when running but still full waterproof and a little bit more supportive.. might try the lowa patrol next then..
I am now a postie,bought meself warrior mk2's,great boots,no breaking in totally waterproof,great service from AltBerg too,had to change 1st pair,no probs


I am now a postie,bought meself warrior mk2's,great boots,no breaking in totally waterproof,great service from AltBerg too,had to change 1st pair,no probs
That's nice. My Postie gets given an Astra van to cut about in.
No idea why they can't make boots that are sized properly.
They do, fit my feet a treat :)

I think you're a little unfair on them, it all depends on the lasts a manufacturer uses.

However the desert ones didn't quite fit me as it seemed to crease just in the wrong place.

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