Warrior Mine-strike Video?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by The_Cheat, Jun 18, 2007.

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  1. Does any one know where I can find this video? I think Kate Adie was there...

    Warrior approaches 'land slide' across the road, hits a mine etc etc.

    Any one know it?

    T C
  2. I remember one showing a Warrior crossing a bridge in Bosnia - it hits a mine and the commander looks back at the camera and laughs! 8)
  3. Our CO (1PWO) was caught on camera popping a mine. I drove over one, thankfully it didn't go off as it was made in 1946 and would have made quite a mess of a FV432.
  4. I do remember seeing a Warrior going over a mine (AP) on telly.

    Boom! Smoke and dust and very slowly the back hatch swingin` open and a squaddie very gingerly toeing the ground. Is that the one you mean Cheat?
  5. Thats the one! I didn't know you could do the whole "Look, Feel, Prod" with a size 10 Combat high... I remember seeing it as a 'how not to do it' clip.

    T C
  6. They used to have that clip as part the backdrop for Channel 4 News or sommat like that.

    Probably in the BBC news archives somewhere, I`m gonna have dig on t`internet and see if I can find it.
  7. I've seen that video. It was part of briefing given in the late 90s by the unit about their experiences in Bosnia. I have a feeling it was The Prince of Wales Own Regiment of Yorkshire. Kate Adie's crew was attached to the unit and they used all their footage to make the PR video.

    The PWO is now part of the Yorkshire Regiment, so you might consider starting there.

    Failing that, I bet the British Defence Film Library has a copy.
  8. It was the PWO battlegroup, with the CO Alastair Duncan, somewhere around Zepce. The Warrior was a tough old beast and there were at least five mine strikes during GRAPPLE 2. One Pl Comd ran over mines twice in a Warrior, borrowed a Scimitar as his (second) Warrior was VOR and hit another mine!

    The only casualty was a soldier from B Coy. His Warrior ran over a mine with a tilt fuse that detonated under the belly. He was tall and had the seat right back and the shaped charge went between his legs. If he had been the average stunted Yorkshireman he would have had a molten copper slug up his jacksy!
  9. 6 Platoon, B Coy, 1PWO Had 2 WRs hit 2 Mines in the same day and a total of 4 mine strikes during the tour. The driver wasn't injured in that incident, he was injured later and ended up in a wheelchair, last I heard he was learning to walk again, and the platoon commander ended using one of the milan section 432's (I know I gave him the fcuker)