Warrior in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by gundog, Mar 28, 2007.

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  1. I have been out of circulation for a while on the Plain doing Telic training, but as far as I recall the Scots Guards were going to Afghan with Warrior. Is this still happening? I ask because we were told to prepare a company of Welsh warriors for deployment but were told at the last moment to stand them down.

    Have the guards got enough of their own now to deploy? Or are they no longer going after Bliars much heralded announcements of re-inforcements?
  2. How they getting such big clumsy APC's in to a land locked country? If they go in by road from pakistan they will just get ambushed and never make it. Would'nt think they would be much use in the country and driving in the cities is mad. CVR(T) will be easier to get into theatre (ISO) and move easier around the country.
  3. True, but there aren't so many of them and you can't fit a section of infantry in a CVR(T). I seem to recall the decision to send Warrior was taken after criticism that the troops lacked vehicles with sufficient protection for the threat.

    Agreed, it will be a b*stard to get them in, maintain them, supply them and ultimately use them. The Ruskis had a far more benign approach march to AFG and they still had a time of it. We've got hostile/unfriendly territory on every potential route from a seaport or railhead.
  4. The same way the Canadians & Yanks do
  5. What rail in Afghanistan?????
  6. gundog
    the 1st Bn Royal Regt of Wales seem to have got the job on this one. It resulted from Nato/Saceur unexpectedly asking Britain in February for a 'Maneouvrable Battle Group' in addition to the forces that had already been announced for 12 Bde.
    So the additional battlegroup will go out a bit later (May/June being mentioned). As to how they get the wagons there, I don't know. The options would seem to be (a) via Karachi, then low loader up to Kandahar, (b) rail to the northern Afghan border, then low loader or (c) simplest but rather pricey, C-17 direct to Kandahar.
    I'm wondering how many companies of Warrior they will actually have. I suspect a company or two will move around in the new Mastiff wheeled vehicles.
  7. The Royal Netherlands Army did exactly that. YPR IFV's were sailed to Pakistan and driven into Uruzgan by convoy. They're giving sterling service and have saved lives by protecting the crew and infantry in the back from RPG's and roadside bombs.
    Having a 25mm cannon is also nice when the enemy is hidden behind some rocks. And the optics that serve the cannon are also used for surveillance.
    A mate of mine deployed as armd inf to Uruzgan and was happy to have the IFV's along!
  8. Don't forget Bliar said they could have whatever they wanted (Brown naturally said they couldn't - left hand right hand, order counter order) so maybe we will have C5A Galaxy aircraft to take heavy stuff in.
  9. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    I don't think he did.

    I think he used the word "need" - not "want".

    You can "want" your little heart out - the MoD will always decide what you "need": it's cheaper that way.
  10. The Canadians have been flying their Leopard MBT in via C17 one at a time. They have been shipped and railed to one of the Northern Stans and then short hauled by USAF AT into Kandahar.

    I think Warrior will be taking the same route due to its gauge on the Karachi rail network.

    Joy another det for our hard pressed AT and the Movs support it takes, good job theirs loads of us and we have enjoyed a respite and roulement since SS11. Or is that why we are leaving in droves and taking the big bucks that KBR are offering.
  11. Plenty in Pakistan, which as an ally would be the logical (to a certain optimistic mentality) entry point. Beats Iran or the former Soviet states, anyway.
  12. C17 actually two in each
  13. smartascarrots

    you're right, the Pakistanis have a line that goes all the way to Chaman, which is right on the Afghan border (on the Afghan side of the Kojak pass too) and from then on it's a flat tab to Kandahar, a couple of hours' drive. C-17 makes sense in many ways, but one wonders how many containers of spares etc will have to go too...
  14. the obvious way is ,as has been said, by air. you may only get one in a c17. however you can prob get 2-3 in the big antonov that the govt. has been leasing for various jobs around the globe. i believe there are several of these available for lease. probably only costs as much as cherie's monthly hair bill.
  15. Many participants in A'Stan have armour so it can't be all that difficult deploy (ie. no excuse not to send armour). The heaviest vehicle in theatre is I think the Dutch PzH 2000.