Warrior engine diagrams

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by baby_g, Jan 8, 2011.

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  1. I'm a Sapper Lance Jack and recently started my Warrior DMI's course which I've been sent on with minimal experience as a WR commander and a H licence from the Mk2 43's.

    I'm having big problems trying to remember the different components of the engine and am looking for a diagrams of each side & top listing the major components.

    Does anyone know anywhere I can find them on armynet or even have something that can help me that could be e-mailed over?

    My unit only has 1 WR qualified bloke (a Staffy) that could help me out but the unit's still on stand down until the 17th by which point I'll be into my teachbacks so I fear it could be too late. The course was a fastball before Christmas so didn't get much opportunity to prep before departing for Bovvie with the unit going on extended Christmas leave after a summer tour.

    Can supply an Armymail address for emails for anyone worried about Opsec.

    Thanks in advance for any help offered and the (to be expected) incoming.
  2. Maybe an idea to repost this in the REME thread Baby, i would have thought a VM would be able to help you.

    Good luck on the course.

  3. Thanks will give that a go too
  4. Will see if there are any knocking about Monday.

    Have you tried the Perkins website?
  5. Not being faceious but aren't ALL eninge components pretty much the same? i.e a Cam cover & injector pump are pretty much universal on a diesel engine?
  6. Principles are similar - however it's all thrown together with loads of other bits n bobs lobbed in for good measure.
  7. So long since I did my drivers course I can barely remember any components. Not too bad at remembering roughly what they do but obviously on the DMI's you need to know the names and exactly what they do.

    Not tried the Perkins website but will. If I find anything will let you know to save you looking CC_TA. And thanks!
  8. And a public thanks too CC just what I was after
  9. No worries. (And don't worry - I haven't changed any of the numbers around!) :)