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Warrior drivers hatch

A friend of mine said that the drivers hatch should be in the umbrella position whilst driving around camp, but I was taught on my D&M course that the umbrella position only applies when on the training area or on ops.
Can any D&M instructors please shed some light on this?
Are you sure that you are in the right forum mate? I think we should only be discussing the complexities of this piece of kit if it was covered in Lesbians or sh*t
It should be fully open with two lesbians going at eachother sat either side of it while watching a dodgy euro scatt movie. It's unfortunate that the the infantry D & M instructors had already broken the driver training manual and started chewing on the peices before they got to the page covering this rule.........
RTFQ said:
So, why would you have lesbians with umbrellas on top of a warrior on camp?
I think it should be an unwritten rule that fit lesbians with umbrellas should have right of passage wherever the hell they want to go.

Why they would want to be on a camp with grubby warriors and grunts is beyond me though... although sooner that than a trog unit and dancing on top of the collection of painted wheel nuts in the mess.
eddie937 said:
So that's the answer. Two lesbians on either side with one lesbian in front walking around camp.

Thanks for your help guys.
But to finish off!!!!!
In our enlightened/PC/equality new army do feel free to substitute two les on either side and one in front with mincing gays either side with sun parasols bringing up the rear of a gay in front(no pun intended) rear door firmly closed while on the move to prevent injury,only when stopped in a safe position may back door be opened for 'action rear' Driver must have his 'hatch' firmly open for full view/access when in 'camp' but must close his hatch firmly when in 'action in order that he is not disabled at any time during 'action' leaving the rest of the crew to get stuck in with will(its always him)Drills may differ from Regt to Regt so carefull research is in order to prevent confusion and tantrums.
Point to note that nasty face rash can occur if drivers hatch not handled carefully causing it to slam harshly in your face.Also make sure he opens/closes driving hatch properly and is also stationary,cannot be to carefull can you.
You should be now able to completete any lesson plan etc with ease and confidence.

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