Warrior drive line

Sorry gents just come back to the real world from 18 months in the OP cycle just wondered about warrior drive line inspection, it used to be replace the U/J after 5 years is it still the case or is it 15000km, I know all about the tool etc just cant find anything about the 5 year thing and i know ive seen it somewhere cheers
Read the AESP?
read everything on TDOL but just something niggling at the back of my brain I will find it just thought might be quicker on here got a lot on my plate you know
An old letter / signal ? Kit Magazine ? An AESP ? An old Land Tech Bulletin ( RiP ) ?

It's pretty shambolic how we get technical information down to the masses.........
Exactly my thoughts Lacrabat 18 months ago was on time or on insp with the new tool thingy, now its on useage from what i can gather, 15000km or on insp with aformentioned table like tool. Just like to put my mind at ease had a few of these break the bolts in the early days before the flanges were serrated cheers
Being replaced as we speak to accommodate the new transmission.
Please tell me more of this new transmission trickery, does that mean engine as well, as i dont think there is much wrong with the one its got at the moment its bloody bullet proof except for the generator which is a bit fragile. Second stage valve block and cloggy up starters off the dust in the bell housing but heh even when its worn out its got loads of power.
Brake pack improvement I believe. No change to the engine. Most generator problems I've encountered have been down to the hull electrics, worth bearing in mind.
Yeah had some problems like that as well as marraige panel going into melt down two days into a desert patrol on the Iran/Iraq border, just so happened to be the command variants did a nice BDR with a slave lead off the genny lugs straight to the slave lead socket on the HMJB worked a treat until i could sweat some soltax connectors back on. Any way i digress one of my lads tells me its as you say larger brakes to do with the UOR kit, good bit of kit Warrior easy to fix and maintain.
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