Warrior CSP and FRES SV comparison

Light cast on decisions. I don't remember seeing this before.

Essentially the reason for rejecting an Off the Shelf vehicle, such as ASCOD or CV90, is down to value for money. The analysis conducted, indicated that the cost of the new Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) is between 1.4 and 2 times the cost of upgrading the existing Warrior vehicle. Therefore the Off the Shelf option was ruled out as a potential approach to meet the Warrior role.
Extensive studies have been conducted on both WCSP and FRES SV...
Well, yes, years and years worth of 'studies'.

Source: What do they know.
Ha, the name at the bottom says 'Mrs Chris Andrews'

Maturity is highly overrated, FACT
Since the Question is a meaningless one and doesn't take into consideration the different roles that FRES and WR are supposed to take, I expect the DE&S person must be quite pleased with justifying crap.....
Different roles, both resulting in tracked vehicles in the 25 tonne range with similar protection, weapons and sensor fits.

That said, the WR upgrade is being bid at about £1.5-2m per vehicle while a new IFV is £3-4m.

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