warrior could it be deployed to afghan?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by num_nutz, Nov 3, 2006.

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  1. Hi every one, normally i am a bit of a non poster but i felt the need to ask this simple question.

    would it be possible/fesible to deploy warrior to areas of afghanistan
    like helmand etc where it is from what ive seen through the media coverage,

    as far as i can see it would help out with some of the issues being raised from that theatre, ie: mobility,armour and firepower.

    thats my opinion, how about every body else?
  2. Good question, well presented, but do we have enough Warrior for the 'Stan and Iraq?
  3. the Canadians are sending Leopard tanks to the south, so no terrain issue with tracked armour.

    Warrior's gun would give a bit of a slap, so it would also mean having to rely less on the 'utterly, utterly useless' CrabAir for air support...
  4. I would have to say no.

    I have been in Afghanistan since April (Bar a wee trip home to see the doc).

    One thing i noticed alot of was trashed Russian armoured vehicles. I had a few heart to hearts with afghan coppers and squaddies about this. They joked that "there is a game called Russian Roullete where you use a revolver to..." You know the rules. They then compared this to the 1 in 6 vehicles the Mudja used to destroy per convoy. They found it amusing. I found it worrying. Seeing as our goverment is going on about putting big hulky cougars in theatre.

    We cant hide behind armour. If we do that then we lose our footprint on the ground and we also invite the taliban to build bigger and better IED's. Not to mention increasing the amounts of multi weapon shoots which we in theatre struggle to deal with due to lack of support.

    But having said all that i honestly dont know how we can make the situation better at the moment other than Killing the fcukers as quickly as possible.

    Might be worth getting a few PWRR advisors over to see what they think.
  5. Bring back Scorpion with its 76mm. Bit of HESH on target does the job and if they then want to come out to play, load with 76mm Canister.
  6. thanks for your views guys, some good constructive opinions.
    it seems to me that if we can send CVR(T) which ive heard nothing bad of its performance, then there cant be that much against warrior
    which is in my eyes a fair bit more mobile than a scimitar,
    and can take a bit of a harder slapping :D

    It could be worth watching how the canadian deployment
    of leopard goes,
  7. My guys have just come back. They did have problems with the engine cooling and they found that the crews really struggled with the heat. The driver closed down was being cooked alive.
  8. I think the main issue would be to get it out there, but if the Canadian armour deployment goes well, then there is nothing wrong with considering it a bit more.

    WARRIOR is great at what it does. Yes we have proved that in a toe to toe fight with the aptly named Terry, they have not got a patch on us. I understand the comments about heat but it is nothing different for the crews in Iraq.

    With a 30mm punch and the 7.62mm, it is one awesome fire power platform. Back it up with a Challenger 2 and I can assure you the desired effect is achieved.

    For guys on the ground there is nothing more welcoming then the awesome sound of a chain gun dispensing justice followed up with a bit of 30mm loving.

    I think the two main consideration, and having not been to the Stan (yet...) and I am unclear on this, is that you must be careful as to what terrain you use it in. The second is the G4 support required to keep an armoured BG on the go. It is quite astronomical.

    I watch with interest and will not be packing my deserts into an MFO box too soon.
  9. Might want to look at some of the bridges before they put Warrior in!
    I remember some of the places we had to patrol even a bit silly for our kit.
  10. I honestly think the only sounds we will here will be the IED's blowing them on their roof. These boys aren't just a bunch of muppets. We need to play them at our strengths and their weakness.

    The British Infantry soldier does dismounted close combat better than any army in the world. In my humble opinion. We just need some more tasty air assets to support it. 3 Para lads proved that and were a credit to the army. Not to mention everybody else involved. I think its just a while before we should consider sending 2 LANCS in with Warrior (well before they go)
  11. CORRECT! small, light, fast, nimble, low silhouette and hard hitting, excellent INF support.
    instead of 'another great leap forward' to an over priced, over engineered, fragile, white elephant like the FRES will undoubtly turn out to be, whats needed is 'two measured steps backwards' to proven systems like Cvrt scorpion upgraded to suit todays requirments.

    ooo, and a fume extractor on the 76 barrel to stop the crew getting cancer would be nice :wink:
  12. sound of a chain gun > "BANG-click...........'FFS! STOPPAGE'!!"
  13. the russians tried the armour approach in arghanistan - look how that went - that is why i voted no.

    i appreciate the need for increasing personal protection - but you loose site of the little hill running goats with the hatches down

    lessons learned changed to lessons identified, why? cos we never learn what history tells us
  14. Given the fun the Sovs had in AFG with tanks. Nope. and Given the trouble we're having doing G4 for a light Brigade, Doe anyone really think we can supply an Armoured Brigade out there????
  15. Wouldn't armour be a bit vulnerable in a country littered with step sided valleys, chaps with a fetish for RPG7's and a completely knackered road/bridge infrastructure?