Warrior chain gun

Alarming story in today's Financial Times about the Warrior chain gun firing when it feels like it, with no human intervention - apparently some poor RHF Jock was maimed by one last year.

No reference available to the FT column, I'm afraid, but here's the parliamentary Q that led to the story, for what it's worth


So can anyone say what's going on - or is all commercial in confidence, or some other weasel phrase?
I'm off on exercise with some officer cadets this week and I feel there may be a number of occasions of 'undemanded fire' (on the same exercise last year there were 7)!
my stepfather was RO for a group of TA nursing officers, when the order "ready" was given, one of them turned and said "yes thankyou"

i now have a t-shirt with a fig 11 target painted on it just for these sorts of Range exercises.

with the standard of shooting in my unit its a good precausion 8)
Have heard a bit about this problem (Chain Gun undemanded firing) but I think a lot is being made out of it.

If you aren't going to fire, the selector switch should be on 'safe' , not CG or Main. If the switch is at safe, then electrickery cannot flow and the gun can't fire.

The problem seems to be in the Chain Gun Control Unit, so leaving the switch at safe would be sensible.

Undemanded traverse is a scary thing too - as the link says, it's being addressed.

Kind of scary that WR has been in service nearly as long as me and these faults are only coming to light now 8O

I must just add that I have seen no official signals or bulletins on this, I'm nice and safe with FR at the moment :wink:
"Scotsman" reports that Adam Ingram, in a parliamentary answer to Mike Hancock MP (Lib Dem), has announced a plan to overhaul the chain guns.
I seem to remember, way back when Warrior first came into service the talk was of the chaingun being fitted the only way it would fit, which was upside-down to the way the gun was designed to be, if you see what I mean. This led to quite a few problems with what were NDs at the time and I thought that had been sorted..... little did I know that all they'd done was call the ND something else and take the blame away from the man in the seat.
hackle said:
"Scotsman" reports that Adam Ingram, in a parliamentary answer to Mike Hancock MP (Lib Dem), has announced a plan to overhaul the chain guns.
Errr wrong thread apparently. :oops:

Today's Scotsman article actually referred to faulty MG on UK's "main battle tank". As this is a common journalistic error, although I know CR also has a chain gun I rather assumed from this thread that they were talking about WR. (PS: Scotsman piece also mentioned wounded Scots soldier who had to have a leg amputated: AFAIK Warrior was involved.)

I've now found the parliamentary written answer (27 Dec) which is quite clearly about CR2:


But what about the "undemanded fire" problem on Warrior?
There is nothing wrong with the Chain gun just the idiotsthat operate them.
Or it ould be a gunnery instructor's inadequate instruction.
To be honest my gunner has never had a problem maybe because im an RIG :wink:
The Chain Gun has a built in safety device to limit the danger posed by undemanded fire.

The feckin thing jams every third round to minimise the risks.

Yes i know - fine weapon, blame the crew, a well serviced weapon will give hours of maiming service in the right hands etc.

Firing now - clunck - feck.

Hang on I'll just strip it down oh bugger I dropped the spinning spiky thing I think it's under the floorplate.
How dare you insinuate that the CG is anything other than a quality piece of equipment, as a WR gunner I have never experienced live rounds fed into the shroud once the firing pin has decided its had its fill for the day, or the “3rd round stoppage” or the CGs inability to actually feed a belt… its all lies propagated by disgruntled private soldiers… yeah that’s it… :wink:
Our unit used the CG very extensively in Iraq and had very few problems as I recall. Yes broken firing pins, etc but on the whole it worked well. I'm always available to slag off the kit but only if I've had a drama with it and the CG was OK.
I have to admit that most of the time the CG works fine and rattles along like a death dealing typewriter.

However, on a memorable firing camp we were sold some dodgy link by someone and we had kinds of dramas.

Stoppages a go-go and to top it all on the last shoot of day when everyone is ready to feck of and have a pint - "Pop" Breech Explosion. No-one hurt.

Stagged on for three hours waiting for ATO to come along and certify the ammo/wagon/weapon.

Arrse feck.....

Still who would miss the fun of trying to swap barrels on the move.
You certainly can't beat the warm feeling of a barrel dropping onto your lap during a change on the go.

In reliability terms however the thing just needs to be maintained. 28 days out on BATUS (Pre-TESEX when it was all live) without a stoppage but only because I would not let my gunner eat or sleep without giving the CG some loving first.

True - it was designed on the 1'2 inch gravity fed gun the spams use and we scaled it down, turned it upside down and watched the results but it is still a good weapon in capable hands.

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