Warrior Assault Systems TMV Vest - Good or Bad????

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by cdn_spr, Dec 9, 2008.

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  1. Morning fellow arrsers,

    Looking for some input from anyone who has seen/used this kit, as I am contemplating purchasing some for my next playtime in the sandbox -


    Pouches available are here -


    Before anyone pipes up with 'what's wrong with osprey', I'm in the Canadian Army and thus saddled with what is quite possible the most useless issue cop vest known to man -


    Many thanks in advance....
  2. Personally, I wouldn't purchase that particular vest as it appears to be front opening with a central fastening. Where does the ballistic plate go ?

    Get yourself a molle "Plate Carrier." Ensure it can take your issued plates, front and back.

    There's hundreds of different molle pouches, the world is your oyster, fill your boots ! Just make sure you get the ones suited to your job/role.

    Have a safe tour. Don't waste too much of your time queueing at "Tim Hortons." :wink:
  3. Time is never wasted if you've got the chance to get to Tim Hortons!!!!
  4. It's not wasted IN Tim Hortons !

    I've seen that queue stretch quite a long way though.
  5. Cdn_spr,

    You might want to try having a look at the http://army.ca/forums site to get a viewpoint on what other Canadian troops have been using in Afghanistan as an alternative to the CF issued tac-vest.
  6. i wouldn't bother, i bought a new molle chest rig and ended up using my normal belt kit, with two molle ammo pouches attached to the armour.

    i found it hard to use the chest rig with body armour on
  7. Remember though, the bloke asking the question is Canadian, not UK. The Canadians don't have a PLCE type belt-kit, but rather a semi-modular vest (two side minimi pouches can be taken off and swapped out for water bottle pouches) and can only carry 4 rifle mags.
  8. i think the warrior gear is good, but isn't suitable for body with large plates