Warrior Allocations

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by The-Daddy, Oct 19, 2006.

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  1. Reading another thread I noticed that there are a very odd number of warriors allocated to AI Battalions. Can anyone explain this?

    Battalion (Bn) Allocated Not fully operational
    1st Bn The Irish Guards 53 7
    1st Bn The Duke of Wellington's Regiment 44 22
    1st Bn The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers 54 3
    1st Bn The Black Watch 53 13
    1st Bn The Royal Regiment of Wales 18 0
    1st Bn The Light Infantry 35 8
    1st Bn The Staffordshire Regiment 39 3
    1st Bn The King's Regiment 31 8
    1st Bn The Princess of Wales' Royal Regiment 39 14

    Total 366 78

    Surely the scaling should be identical?
  2. Money saving, manning issues, could be ones that are ready to go leaving out those in the shop etc

  3. what I mrean is why have the Irish Guards got 53 but 1LI only have 35? The ones VOR'd are mentioned so does that mean all the AI Warrior battalions have different orbats?
  4. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Allowing for minor differences due to VOR, etc. the variation is due to whole fleet management (WFM). Bns in High Readiness or Training years require a full complement, but Bns in Other Tasks years (or whatever it is called nowadays) only need a few WR to maintain low level training (1 x coy's worth or so). So the logic of WFM is to ship the panzers to where the need is greatest without needing to pay for a full fleet. I see from your figures the numbers dont exactly match that, but that is the general principle (I hope this question was not a wah).
  5. no - not a wah. The figure don't add up even for the bn's with the most - 60, 66, 57 66 and so on. I thought the scaling of an AI Bn was identical.

    Also, was a little dissapointed to note that some Bns are downgraded on their allocations - I mean - 18 for the Taffs? Have they only got one company?
  6. the dukes are demo bn so they are scaled for that amount
  7. More worring, do we only have 366 battleworthy Warriors?
  8. not all battleworthy EDITED BY MOD
  9. That information must be a tad out of date; the RRW is now 2 Battalion R Welsh.

    As far as I know the battalion is about 100 understrength; but is amply provided with Warriors. :?
  10. Black watch not had warriors now is The Highlanders 4 scots
  11. it doesn't read too good any way you dress it up. To fight with Warrior you have to train with Warrior, its no good just using them as battle taxis.

    Are the army cannibalising vehicles already to keep some battalions up to strength?