Warrington bomb plaque stolen

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BONNACON, May 18, 2012.

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  1. I blame the Conservatives.
  2. I blame the Joos.
  3. Maggie Thatcher caused this!!

    Seriously, a nasty problem anywhere. In the city where I worked until a year ago about 65-70% of the sprinkler system caps in the city has been stolen. In my state it is customary that the graves of veterans be decorated with a bronze flag holder that holds a small flag and which lists the war in which the veteran served. In several cemeteries all the markers were stolen. Sad the memorial was stolen. Probably pikey sorts but could be anyone wanting to sell metal. Bastards!
  4. Only a scouser would do that.
  5. Very low apparently.

    Hopefully this will be recovered, maybe by the scrappy who is approached to get rid of it will have a pang of guilt.

    If the scume who stole this are caught, I reckon they should be thrown in to the smelter... or maybe tied down underneath as the bucket leans over and the red hot, molten metal begins to pour.

    Bit like in Game of Thrones. A couple of 'metal heads' and I reckon we'd start to see an end to this sort of thing.
  6. My money's on someone 'not of this country'!
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  7. Was this not all caught on CCTV, the modern antidote to everything antisocial?
  8. The theft of war memorial type bronze monuments is sadly a regular occurrence.

    There's at least one page on Faceache (https://www.facebook.com/InMemoriam2014) that publicises the thefts and tries to find witnesses etc.
  9. "The Juwes are the men that will not be blamed for nothing" you know.

    Right, I'm off to cleanse the streets a bit.
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  10. A deed like this is to be expected in warrington, an old boy called Wally Barnes used to run a kitchen providing OAP,s with at least 1 decent meal a day, he was attacked in his kitchen and robbed of the princely sum of 4quid and a few bob, the 3 lads that did it, claimed they were provoked, wally was in his mid 70,s, last time we visited warrington parts of dallam, orford and padgate were considered no go areas!
  11. A dreadfully callous thing to do, but I have to say that I am not surprised.

    I have traveled widely, worked all over the world and have served in the Balkans, Middle East and Afghanistan, undertaken election monitoring in Central Africa, amongst other places. However I have been mugged only once: in the middle of Warrington pedestrian precinct on a Friday afternoon. I was walking between stations, wearing a suit, towing an overnight bag when my phone rang. I answered it and a moment later this guy barged into me. I appologised, reached for my phone (which I had dropped) as he dived for it. We wrestled with it for a moment, and the streak of pi$$ that he was, high-tailed it. Luckily I still held my phone. I remonstrated loudly, but no one took any notice - they just shuffled past without showing any interest. When I called the police and pointed out that there was CCTV covering the area, there was distinct disinterest along with 'oh, I don't think it works'. I tried to give a good description of the Chav, for that was what he was, and the opertor insisted that I report to the station. I gave up at this point, walked the remaining distance to the Bank Quay railway station and caught the train back home, vowing never to go near Warrington again.

    Dreadful place, dreadful people.
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  12. Jack will get you for that....
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  13. But it's their culture and we must respect this you filthy racist.
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  14. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    jacks back ...send for commander warren
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