Warrenpoint Tribute

I have finished the Tribute to all the lads of Warrenpoint, 30th Anniversary coming up, I would like to thank Kev Bryant " k13eod" who was very helpful with photos, cheers,a gent
bye for now jimmy


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Jock a Brilliant Tribute thanks mate. Not a dry eye in this House, very very dusty.

A wonderful tribute Jimmy. Well done ... I will buy you a beer when we meet. I feel inspired and may well travel across the water for the 27th August.

Anyone else consider an overnighter?
Dusty here, a wonderful tribute Jimmy.
Knowing some that were there that day nearly 30 years ago when I was a young crow I still remember how I felt that day.
My heart goes out to everyone and all the families involved.

Its brilliant - thank you from everyone who knew any of them x

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