Warrenpoint bombing victims slideshow.

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Tartan_Terrier, Mar 26, 2007.

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  1. I remember during training that we were shown a slideshow of some of the victims of the Warrenpoint bombings together with a brief bio of each one (rank, name, age, marital status and so on).

    I'm not sure of the exact purpose of this exercise, if it was to knock any lingering sympathies for the republican cause out of our heads, or if it was just to show that any one of us could be a potential target for terrorism, but it certainly was effective in both of these.

    What I'd like to know is, was this standard practice Army-wide at the time (nearly 20 years ago), and how long did this rather macabre practice continue for?

  2. Hated having to do VCPs on that road, did 'em at the same spot too but obviously only once or twice.
  3. Never saw the slideshow but a Warren Point 'photo essay' was last seen in about 1994 as part of a display down at a certain mock housing estate on the south coast.

    Macabre, certainly. Relevant, definitely.
  4. Yeah, i think that rings a bell.

    Personally, the thing that really put the wind up me was the film about the 2 R.Sigs. lads that were dragged from their car, beaten and murdered in '87.
  5. I'll guarantee that you only saw the 'seriously edited' edition as well. There was a lot of discussion at the time as to what would be appropriate to release. Cleeky Clarke who was JA's bodyguard and who features prominently in smashing the car window, died of cancer not that many years after. He died a very disillusioned man as PIRA sidelined him as his illness was diagnosed. I didn't shed any tears on that day.
  6. Arrgh! How sad for Mr Clarke. What goes around .....
  7. I don't know who you were with at the time Tartan T but I also remeber seeing that slideshow, this was in 87'. I was RCT at the time.
  8. I never saw the slideshow, but a Sapper that said he'd gone there to clear up took some photos. I remember the feeling of how sanitised the photo's appeared as if they were photo's of a mock up.

    They didn't really portray the real horror of the event.

  9. During NI training in Germany in the very early 80s they used to include many pics of various incidents to keep your attention during slideshows. Think the team was NITAT and our inf advisors were from the Black Watch, located near us at Soest but can't remember exactly where.

    Warren Point pics were among the content along with victims of IEDs, VBIEDs, shootings, punishment shootings and RTAs. Preferred method of establishing what happened was the question' what do you think happened here?'. Still remember the surprise at some of the actual incidents!!

    The RTAs were thrown in as part of the drive against drink driving and certainly concentrated the mind along with the others.

    I seem to remember that one of the worst pics was of an 'own goal' where a player had been blown through a chain link fence trying to get to some oil refinery (or similar) and not made it. Raised a smile!!
  10. Never sawthe slideshow, but was in NI at the time and saw the incidient photos and report. Sobering stuff at the time, but it actually made us more determined to do a good job.

  11. They could have been pictures of the remains of the "own goal" of the Gas Works bombers? I remember the interview room of Springfield Rd Police Station in the 70‘s, they had the same sort of pic’s there hidden behind black drapes. Just a heap of body parts. They were used as part if the interrogation process to concentrate the suspects mind!
  12. That'll be them. Grey matter confused with oil refinery and gas works.