Warrenpoint 33 years on.

And on page 3 of the Daily Telegraph today is a photograph of one of the survivors.
P... B...s doing a "Mary Poppins" ( blue shirt, yellow brolly) floating over the crowd at the Paralympics opening ceremony.
He was with the Red Freds with one false leg and just this year finally elected to have the have the other foot removed as the burns up into the arch of his foot never healed and he lived with the pain all this time.
Excellent bloke with an indomitable spirit.

I'm privileged to have PB as a friend. A real adventurer, a hero of our time.
I'm privileged to have PB as a friend. A real adventurer, a hero of our time.

Heartily concur !
......just a thought, being a fellow Sapper and both knowing PB well ...we may know each other.
I was an Engineering Surveyor not EOD , did a lot of parachuting,last posting teaching JLRRE at Dover...ring any bells?
Cheer up lads it was a class time, free drinks on the house in every single nat pub north and south

We got ******* pissed and the worst effect of it was felt via hangovers the next morning, much better than British lead so it was

no sense moaning yous knew what you signed up for lads

Paratroopers shot dead Patrick Magee, an innocent 20-year-old student teacher on the steps of St Comgall's school on the Falls as he left practice, and shortly after gunned down a one-eyed man 86 years of age Pat Donaghy. The murdering bastards made ******* shooting galleries out of Springhill, Ballymurphy, Ardoyne, and the Bogside (bloody sunday), not a single victim in any of these areas was a provisional IRA member, although they did kill lads ten years of age

Majella O'Hare 12 year old lass killed by paras

The paratroopers were brutal violent bastards that beat any ****** they could get their shite batons and grubby little Britshit hands on to a bloody pulp, including prods protesting on the shankill (racist anti-irish british supremacist ideology didn't distinguish between orange and green at first, both ******* micks who need to be battered)

thank god the IRA blew up these mongrels and saved us all

when you pulled up to a checkpoint you hoped it was Englishmen as opposed to UDR, even scots generally alright (bar the black watch and royal scots) or welsh, but paratroopers every body was terrified of

the paras even beat up innocent English civilians for any perceived "offenses" i.e. any bollocks excuse to fight and bully civilians

retarded paras killed and battered everyone because they reckoned they would show the "hats" how its done, stupid thick tw@ts

dry your eyes, w@nkers

lee clegg deserves a bullet as well, killed two teenagers in Belfast, released from jail and re-instated

We honour men who died while protecting the ordinary people of Northern Ireland. They didn’t have a political agenda. They were doing their duty as was expected of them.

You support murderous terrorists who routinely murdered people no matter who they were. Men, women and children regardless of their religion lost their lives because of what the people who you support callously did.

You can come on here and state your reinvention of the facts. Everybody on here knows different. The satisfying bit for me is that while people like you might not ever change your spots, you still lost the war!
As I am aware Burnsy is no more. RIP pal.

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