Warrenpoint 30th anniversary

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jimmyoc, Jun 13, 2009.

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  1. hi all, i have been asked by some friends in 2 para to do a small tribute to the lads who died at warrenpoint, i have tried foc ex airborne site also 2 para reunion site, and cannot find photos of these lads, does anyone have a photo of the following men,
    plus any photos relating to Warrenpoint.
    Chris Ireland - Aged 25 (2 Para)
    Leonard Jones - Aged 26 (2 Para)
    Robert England - Aged 23 (2 Para)
    Walter Beard - Aged 31 (2 Para)
    Ian Rogers - Aged 31 (2 Para)
    Anthony Wood - Aged 19 (2 Para)
    Nicholas Andrews - Aged 24 (2 Para)
    thank you who have contributed so far,
    bye for now jimmy
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  2. Gentlemen after church tommorow I will be driving down to Narrow Water to pay my respects and leave flowers. Prayers will be said tommorow for our brave lads who were murdered at the 'Point. We will never forget the contribution you made and salute the Parachute Regt.
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  3. Hi all, the above photo i already have, but the photos are not clear enough, if anyone has old photos of these men, it would be gratefully appreciated
    bye for now Jimmy
  4. Gentlemen, let us not forget; eighteen soldiers were murdered that day.
  5. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    I was there that day and will never forget it, As long as I live.
    Utrinque Paratus
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  6. Here's all the names.

    The plaque is on the Warrenpoint bench in Aldershot Military cemetery.

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  7. Thank you, Zulu, that's the sort of stuff that can go in, thank you,,
  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

  9. jimmyoc,
    Here's the memorial wall at Palace Barracks for the Para's.
    RIP Chaps,

    Thanks for that, but i am a friend of the site and contribute alot to what thy have, i am trying locate the blokes who are not represented on the site, my photos will be passed to the site as per normal to Dave or Albert who run the site. bye for now jimmy
  10. Gentlemen just home from the 'Point with the daughter and left flowers from ARRSE. RV'd with a TSG truck and put the youngest in the wagon. They did top cover whilst I parked up & paid my respects and saluted Para Reg Toms buddies as I promised. Had a great nosebag back in Newry DCU canteen. On the way home the wee one said 'Daddy xxxx was upset' he had tears. I know that xxxx is a hard Custody Sgt. We will never ever forget Warrenpoint.

    I have a few pound gathered that I never asked for. If I can send it on to a Para Widow & Orphan fund please send me a PM.

    Otherwise I will send it to Holidays 4 Heroes.
  11. I have sheds of pictures of Warrenpoint. I heard about this incident on the radio on the day and I immediately knew exactly where it was. I had only just completed basic and had been on my first summer leave a few miles from there. The incident was an evil act but even more irresponsible was the destruction of evidence by the Gardai. Brendan Burns was one of the men responsible, luckily for him we live in a lawful democracy.
  12. I wasn't aware of that.

    RIP also to Lord Louis Mountbatten, his grandson, Nicholas, 14, and Paul Maxwell, 15, also murdered on the same day in an equally cowardly fashion.

    How that days work was supposed to contribute to a united Ireland I'll never know.
  13. I wasn't aware of that.
    here is something off the web.

    Vital evidence I destroyed in renovation

    Gardai are accused of destroying evidence which could have convicted the IRA men who killed 18 soldiers at Narrow Water in 1979. "The bombing at Warrenpoint was the worst single casualty toll sustained by the Army during the Troubles. A retired senior forensics officer in the Republic has gone - on record over his deep concerns that two IRA men who allegedly triggered the two 800 lb bombs were never charged because there was substantial scientific evidence gathered from the scene. Jim Donovan said there was more forensic evidence than was required to convict the bomber behind the killing of Lord Mountbatten and three others on the same day, August 27,1979. The IRA attacked an Army convoy from the Republic side of Carlingford Lough at Narrow Water. A bomb was detonated on the Ulster side, killing six soldiers. A gun battle then raged and as soldiers took cover a second device went off killing another half-a-dozen men. The two IRA men one of whom was Brendan Burns, later killed in 1988 when a bomb he was handling went off-were stopped by gardai heading away from Narrow Water on a motorcycle. Later a search of the area is believed to have found the IRA vantage point and discarded cigarette butts and lemonade bottles. These items and the bike were vital to forensics. A source said: "Burns and (his accomplice) were arrested on the southern side. They were taken in for questioning and that's when the forensics was matched on them. "There were lemonade bottles found at the scene with their fingerprints on them as well, and found on the bombers' clothing and the motorbike were traces of ammonium nitrate and firearms residue. "The evidence was held in Dundalk Garda station until allegedly renovations were taking place and it was literally dumped in a skip. "They had actually held the bike as evidence and it was dumped too. "For a senior forensics officer to come out and openly question this suggests something was seriously wrong there." The IRA men at Narrow Water went on to be involved in further atrocities. It is feared that the garda who was believed to be the IRA's senior link in Co Louth was involved in the Narrow Water investigation and was involved in the cover-up.


  14. RIP all those involved. I 'worked' in and around The 'Point from 86-92 and found that most of the civpop were spot-on. I still try to go and visit once a year. Tear, eye, wiped.