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Discussion in 'RLC' started by cabbage, Apr 25, 2005.

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  1. Ford _prefect wrote "Melchy, how about moving it? Could you start a thread reminiscing about a time when WOs weren't all digging out for LE commissions and actually represented the Toms"

    Can you remember a time when WOs weren't all digging out for LE commissions and actually represented the Toms.

    I thought I'd add it as Melchers is probably busy.
  2. Yep, this looks to be the new 'in thing'. I think that, based upon the evidence that LE commissioning isn't really that great, others have opted to just do their time and leave or look for LSL, a far more honourable line of employment for an old soldier.

    Quite a few of those who have went LE over the past half a decade have queered the pitch for everyone else, with their ass kissing, social climbing attitudes. Nothing stands in the way of their careers and they only remember where they come from when it suits them, i.e., when they are invited into the our Mess.

    I remember when LEs were respected by all. Now, they are just a joke. Mostly made up of inadequates.

    Maybe the 'everybody wants a commission thing' has burned itself out? Hopefully if this is the case, the Army can soon get back to having proper Sgt Majors.
  3. well someones got to do the jobs that Sandhurst trained officers dont want to do. unfortunately they are the jobs LEs get.
  4. Im not sure that they dont want to do them, I feel it is the case that they are not expierenced enough to do them,

    and besides the LE now fills the gaps left by lack of regular capts so they get the best of both worlds.

    Lets face it a LE commision is not a promotion it is an oppertunity to remain in a uniform you love and draw a decent wage for lack lustre work and alot of social events and physical training gratis

    Would I do it? too right I dread the thought of leaving the fim at 40, and if I cant stay the rank I am thats my only option
  5. Which isn't a bad attitude to take, but others amongst us have witnessed the bad side of the LE officer, where quite a few have by their sychophantic manner, belittled the standing of the Warrant Officer in the eyes of their new officer peers. In my unit, it is not uncommon for a DE Capt to speak to a Warrant like he was a piece of sh*t.

    They learn that habit from the bad element of the LE contingent, of whom there are quite a few.

    LE's like to think of themselves as the top dogs, when in fact most of the ones I have worked with couldn't be further from the truth. To some of them, particulalry those who have commissioned from SSgt, the Warrant Officer rank means nothing. They never reached WO and would have been up against some strong competition for that rank and would have more than likely not got there anyway, therefore they have no respect for it.
  6. we havent commisioned from SSgt since the Corp formed have we? and if they commisioned before that then they would be Maj by now. Time served etc?
  7. Our corps is suffering another phenominom (excuse spelling) - the female WO1 (RSM) - can't do the job effectively and digging out blind for a commision. Who says theres no such thing as positive discrimination.
  8. Don't know when you are thinking of. I declined to make the manuscript application when WOI and was pulled up for it. Made the point that I did not wish to be a sybill officer - they dealt only with admin and I already did expenses and signed vehicle work tickets anyway. Came under the old "put back some of what you have taken out" blackmail. Replied that whatever I'd taken out, I'd amply paid for.
    I could not see any benefit of being spare tit at wedding Captain etc. after being cock of the heap WOI. Brigardiers etc. called me Mr. Did my time and shot out. No regrets at all.
  9. Who would wan't to take care of the wine cellar anyway.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Then more fool the Warrant officer who allowed them to speak like that. It works both ways; If you haven't got the balls to tell junior officers to wind their necks in, or remind LE officers that they are no longer Warrant Officers and to get on with their own jobs and let you do yours, then quite frankly you shouldn't be a Warrant Officer.

    As for commissioning,my own stance on this is probably somewhat confused. Some of my good friends have either been commissioned or are currently applying, and I say good luck to them - it means they can stay in a bit longer doing the job they love. However, I also analysed my own reasons for doing it. I have no intention of staying in to qualify for the Officer pension, and would only be doing it so that I could enter the job market as an ex Captain rather than an ex Warrant Officer. These are hardly the right reasons to apply, nor is it an ideal example to be setting to others, so I personally will be leaving after 22.
  11. Good answer Snitcha, have to say from what I hear the board this year is smaller than usual but they still require the same numbers as in previous years. There appears to be a trend
  12. Quite agree with you on some points Snitch and have done so on more than one occasion, but when you haven't got the support of your senior officers and you end up being forced by them into apologising to the gobsh*te officer, you're on a hiding to nothing. This has happened to me.

    If you haven't the support, you can't do naff all about it.
  13. Gents. Lets not forget that there are a lot of jobs that require the experience of a WO, but for political reasons, require a commision. For example working with Spams. Right or wrong it has to happen or nothing would get done when working with foreign nations.

    Personally if they were a decent WO then little will change with 3 pips, if they were a cnut, then a commisioned cnut they shall be.
  14. Yeah, OK, I suppose I have to concede that point as a fair one, because it actually happened to me a couple of months ago. However, I'm sure we all know ways of apologising that make it quite clear that you don't mean it, and you still think the guy's a cnut. LOL