Warrant Officers - Royal Warrants or not?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Onetup3, Dec 18, 2007.

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  1. Many years ago shortly after I reached WO2, I was presented with my framed Royal Warrant in the Mess by some visiting dignitary. Cue the normal afternoon off work and celebratory *iss-up for this type of event.

    Today in my office (as an ex-serviceman), I find that the two Warrant Officers (RLC) have just received their Warrants from Glasgow via the post room clerk. Two things, they have both been WO's for about 4 years but only now reiceved the Warrants after a 'crab' officer interceded. They themselves could probably have been more pro-active but they both felt that if the system could not be bothered to recognise their achievement, then why should they be bothered to chase it up. To them it was just another indication of how much the system values people.

    Secondly, the quality of the artwork is appalling, uses very cheap paper and arrived creased. Even worse they are signed by the part time Scottish Secretary even though he was not in post when the Warrants were awarded.

    Is it the norm these days for Warrants to arrive late, signed by the wrong Sec of State, be of such poor quality and handed over in such a cavalier fashion? I hope not.
  2. I and A.N. Other WO2 received our warrants in the post when I was at the ASofA,this was in 1986,so I would think it is the norm.
    Mind you they were good quality and signed by Tarzan,so probably a better class of warrant than todays issue.
  3. Ex RE jumping into your forum (if you don't mind).

    Mine turned up by internal mail and although uncreased (at least they put it in a cardboard tube) was a cheap copy on sh!t paper. 10 years on it remains somewhere in the attic still in the tube. Embarrassingly poor quality and even worse, signed by the shirt lifter Portillo!!!
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  4. TA Arty here....

    Been a WO for over 4 years now...still no Warrant!
  5. mine turned up in a tube and thats how I got it as well, would have been nice to get it framed and presented. (then again my LS&GC was handed to me over the desk by the Adjt)
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  6. Warrant in the post (3 years late), LS&GC from the LCpl in the orderly room, and yes sadly this is now the norm.

    Standards ??? Only one left is the one hanging in the glass case in RHQ.
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  7. Now that really is a disgrace.
  8. Standards have definitely gone downhill. I got my LS&GC presented by the CO of the Bn on a freezing cold parade square in Brooke Barracks Berlin in 1987. It was 2 years late and "got lost in the mountain of paperwork at Records" at the time!

    Warrant came through and was presented the same afternoon but in the Mess (too pissed to remember much else of the day!)
  9. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    RAPC jumping in.
    Warrant in a tube handed over by one of my own Cpls!
    LS&GC, was at a training establishment & given out on passout parade day. I suppose to give to boys something to aspire to.

    The Warrant given out by dignitaries was only really when something was organised by the RSM. No visitors, no handout & no having to buy a round for the mess. :D
  10. Like most activities not regarded as 'cutting edge' these days, responsiblity for the production and despatch of commissions and warrants has probably been farmed out to Office World, TSO (once HMSO) or similar whereas the task was once performed with loving care, attention to detail and punctuality by a disabled company clerk, made redundant after one of our splendid Defence Reviews.
  11. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    It's been going downhill a LONG time. My grandfather's commisison was SIGNED by Edward VII. My father's was SIGNED by Edward VIII. Mine (1959) was rubber stamped with a facsimile signature of the Queen.
  12. No better, no worse for the Commissioning 'Parchment' either.

    Mine was received in a card board tube after having sat in a Land Rover for 4 days before eventually getting to me in the post in Vitez in 1993. Some 2 years after commissioning. More so that it was 'printed' with the sigs of HM and two others, one of which I still fail to recognise.

    Now WTF are you supposed to do with an 'irreplaceable' document such as that in the middle of a tour...........
  13. Yes, it certainly is the way it has gone. Fu*king MPs, treat us like shite on their shoes, how long before they give us minimum wage so they can increase their own mega wage.
  14. The OP had his presented to him in the mess already framed. How cool is that? I was in the cardboard tube category although in my day it was pretty punctual and mercifully free of politicos signature. But I did receive a medal which sat in the Adjutants desk drawer for TWELVE MONTHS before being slung at me on my way out. And they wonder why people are pi$$ed off?
  15. As HMG regards you, and indeed all service personnel as replaceable------ :evil: