Warrant Officer - Wearing rank wristlet with C95?

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by biffchit, May 5, 2006.

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  1. Warrant Officer - Wearing rank wristlet with C95 (Sleeves rolled up): Is this right?

    I thought they wore the rank on a slide like the rest of us? or are they just trying to get noticed?
  2. Well i'm not a senior but I can recall most of the WOs in my unit wearing the above at some point or another.

    Maybe it's a bn thing.
  3. Its just a hangover from the days before rank slides, a little idiosyncratic admittedly, but It does no harm. And no, I'm not a WO.
  4. If you've got it. Flaunt it! I would but suspect my chance of being a WO is limited at best.
  5. I have never encountered a W.O who didn't wear the wristlet while in short sleeve order.
  6. I work with a few bootie wo's and they wear the badge with their sleeves rolled up. I think it goes well with their rollmats.
  7. At my last unit we were told to wear wristlets and slides, one of the reasons being that the CO wanted to be able to spot his WO's from a distance (or so I was told), very handy for avoiding salutes from the lads (due to the cloth capbadge etc).
  8. I haven't worn it since I got CS95. It seems pretty much redundant unless you drop down to T-shirt order, and if you're in that state of dress, you not likely to be in a location where not wearing it is going to cause a fuss.
  9. RLC had all RSMs and SSMs wearing wristlets - it made the distinction between them and other WOs, although it tends to be a personal thing - rarely see our RSM wearing it, and with the SSMs it's pretty hit and miss.
  10. Used to wear it, but it's a bit dated, now days just wear the rank slide.
  11. I like it and would wear it out of choice. RSM at last unit was for it; this one isn't.

    I imagine (I'm not running off to check) that it's not mentioned in Army Dress regs for CS 95, so is a technical no-no; however (I think) it looks good, and if the CO/RSM thinks so to then nothing's going to stop it really. It's a bit like funny coloured jumpers in the Cav/RA/RAMC, if the boss wears one, everyone wears one. They appear to have dropped out of favour recently in my local C(h)av Regt.
  12. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Had a WW2 wristband handed down from RQMS to RQMS, now in save hands, or wrists to be presice.
  13. No probs with it. But it looks a bit silly if doubled up with the slide aswell!!!

    Technically though, in CS95, surely the slide is sufficient in all forms of dress? Didn't the RAngs(?) not use the slides for a good while, prefering to stitch the correct rank to the arm in the appropriate place?
  14. Almost, but not entirly, off topic - I personally don't like the CS95 rank slide on the chest thing. Why was it done that way? IMHO if they wanted to have rank slides, why not on the shoulder like everyone else. I can understand not having them on the sleeves, because we don't sew badges onto CS95 do we? :wink:

    Back on topic, I think that the WO wrist badge is very smart, and should be encouraged. It should be seen as an honour to wear it!
  15. As a newly promoted WO2, can i be sure that if I get myself a wristband Im not going to get an RSMs bollocking then?