Warrant Officer Warrant Parchments - Are they like Medals- Offence to sell or destroy

A friend of mine - it's always 'a friend'!, has today destroyed his WO parchment. He details as a result of his maniacal boss (the RAO), making his life untenable to the point where he feels life in the Army doesn't have any standards or values which has made his particular warrant - valueless. Now, I have explained that this one despot isn't typical of the Army and you would think after 20 years he would realise that too but I feel that he's just had enough, especially as he details he has seen the systematic destruction of his Det's morale since the new 'boss'. So, to cut a long story short, he is now worried that he might have committed an offence (similar to selling medals on e-bay!) - is it his property to destroy? Any clues out there!
I don't think anyones going to ask him to produce it unlike say medals on parade.
When he leaves he can do what he likes with anything that is his.
If he's going to do such a destructive thing then ask a dumb question like that then the validity for his continoued holding of that rank should be questioned.
Its throwing teddy into the fire then wondering if he is going to be charged with GTH (gbh for teddy bears).

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