Warrant Officer structure

Anyone else have any thoughts on this? I believe we should go back to the old ways and have a system in place where you have junior appointments progressing to senior appointments within the WO's. I feel the current system of just put anyone anywhere is rubbish, plus the fact it doesn't conform to QR's. :?:
I beleive it states that the RQMS is the senior WO and would stand in for the RSM when he is away. Don't quote me as I don't have a set at home to read. :?:
a. Groupings. By custom, and for administrative purposes, appointments of warrant officers are listed in the groups shown in para 9.169. Notwithstanding seniority as laid down in para 9.164 a warrant officer may exercise authority over those of equal rank in other groups, when required to do so in the execution of the duties of his appointment.

b. Warrant officers, class 1.
(1). A regimental corporal major and regimental sergeant major rank regimentally above all other warrant officers, class 1, in Group (iv).
(2). A conductor or a staff sergeant major in the RLC is to act in the place of a subaltern officer when required. On all parades he is to take post as an officer, but is not to salute.
c. Warrant officers, class 2. Notwithstanding seniority as laid down in para 9.164:
(1). A garrison quartermaster sergeant takes seniority before all other quartermaster sergeants.
(2). A regimental quartermaster corporal or a regimental quartermaster corporal (technical) or a regimental quartermaster sergeant or regimental quartermaster sergeant (technical) is regimentally senior to all other warrant officers, class 2, holding the appointment of quartermaster sergeant.
(3). A company sergeant major of the Guards Division who is employed as a drill sergeant is regimentally senior to the other company sergeant majors of the Guards Division.

You can get to QR's online now:

That is not our problem but that of the Commanding Officer and MCM Div. But what I have seen in some regiments over the last few years has been criminal. A first post as WO should never ever be RQMS. But it has happened and it has been allowed to happen. But it is not QRs that tells the MCM or a CO where he can put his men or what efect thet will have on the moral of his WO's. They should learn from their mistakes...but rarely will they ever do so.
I can see what’s wrong with the AAC if you are all cry so much over who did or did not get promoted. That’s why they need so many LE officers
Bombs..do not see you your point. What exactly is your argumentation?

Seniority? Rank? Appointment or Precedent?

If you are talking seniority then (as was some years ago) pilots could be RSM and indeed Corps SM! Why not..many pilots may have been warrant officers for much longer than their ground role counterparts. Your statement would suggest that this the system that your Corps should return to. And thereby would fair to ALL warrant officers class 1..best man for Corps SM..not because he is groundcrew?

Rank is about "span of responsibility"..therefore has negative aspects in your thread. An RQMS has little responsibility compared to a SSM or AH WO pilot.

Appointment..this is the crux of your debate I would suggest. MCM only post a warrant officer to fill an LSN. They have the MS JS and unit CO's requests / preferences to guide them and generally they seek the best person suited for the job (qual, background etc). There may not always be a pool of warrant officers who have completed (what you term junior appointments) career route cards and needs must. A gapped key post, just because he /she hasnt been a welfare officer. Wake up and smeel the coffee!! The long overdue streaming in your Corps can now breed specialists in respective fields (if you stop whining and move into the 21st century with AH), so you have the right person for the right job. Not who sits where at a Reggy Dinner!! IF the CO elects to disregard the MCM draft, then he/she can APPOINT someone else of equal rank.

By PRECEDENT and IAW with QR's the RSM for example can easily appoint a senior WO1 pilot to stand in for him/her whilst AOD/AOL. A WO2 (RQMS) is only regimentally senior to all other Class 2 WO. A throw back from Victoria's army (when warrant officers were established) when there was only 1 Class 1 WO in a unit ..the RSM. No longer the case!

So..your point is?
IGLA3. No reason why a wo1 pilot could not stand in for the big badge, my point is, that at the moment each and every regiment seems to do it differently. What we need is to get a structure in place so that people understand. By the way you do not only stand in for the RSM in camp, you also would cover in the field or on ops, so would an important cog in the wheel like a "AH pilot WO1" really stand in?
It would be hard to get the WO 1 pilot away from the uckers board long enough to do the job
Bombs..in reply to your second thread.

I would still suggest you really need "best person for the job". If that means a change from the "normal"..whatever that may be then so be it. I would say there might well be a few sound WO pilots (not just AH) who could stand in for your RSM. Remember IAW QR "all those of WO RANK are eligible for any APPOINTMENT"!

Be careful about any argument on wether a pilot can stand in on ops / ex..with AH and BRH inbound your RSM (and for that matter any traditional type RHQ / Commmand appointments) must now be fully swept up in Current & Future Operations planning, if you are to stay ahead and on top of AH Mission and Planning. The days of the RSM swanning around sub unit locations in Land Rover, to " do a quick recce, see the lads and brew up" are long gone. I would suggest.

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