Warrant Officer Parchment

Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by Rabid Chihuahua, Sep 5, 2012.

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  1. Looking for a quick answer. DII search facility is next to useless as is the knowledge of G1 Staff. What is the process for obtaining the Parchment? Is there a specific MOD Form, JSP, etc etc?
  2. Get promoted to WO. and wait....... and wait.
  3. And when you've waited that long, wait some more. Eventually a clerk will give you a battered looking cardboard tube containing a crumpled photocopied 'parchment' with a reproduced signature of some no-mark politician.
  4. I only waited 11 months for mine, whereupon it was presented already framed, with liquid refreshments following on in the mess.

    Which was nice.
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  5. Mine was signed by Tarzan!
  6. I think mine was signed by his mate. Cheetah.
  7. The Poof Previously Known As Portillo put his moniker on my photo copy.
  8. Rabid - The useless G1 staff (me included) should e-mail your MCM Div with a request for the Warrant parchments as per the SOP dated Mar 12 http://www.ms.dii.r.mil.uk/index.htm. On the latest news section is a link to the SOP and the application forms. Units can submit themselves

    There are now timelines for the APC Publications Dep't to produce and send out. My previous RSM always ensured they were framed and presented properly in the Mess
  9. ..... However, as the G1 person responsible for getting them for my unit, I have regularly been on to REME Promotions Branch who are meant to deal with it for (you guessed it) the REME and it seems there has been a problem recently with the Production Centre printer which has apparently taken the best part of a year to repair (really? REALLY??). So it'll still be a case of hurry up and wait.
  10. Legs - same Corps, different Bn - i had the same frustrations as you but the new SOP has a foonote that the app may come direct from the unit or SP. May help Rabid but absolutely no help to you, as you are in a REME unit and we know the way they work!
  11. When the next one comes in just photo copy it, but put a sticker over the name. Write in as neccesary...

    Could even sell a few on e-bay.
  12. Why the hell not? It's what APC seem to do (less the eBay bit. They're not that clever)
  13. Just make sure you order the really chippy 'recycled' paper for the photocopier. You know the stuff that by colour and quality indicates it was recycled from 100% used toilet paper sieved out of the nearest hospitals D&V ward.
  14. You mean it's contracted out to DSG and leaves tradesmen sat around the Bn with nothing to do while they wait 6 months?
  15. Smoggy, thank you. I'll give that link a click on DII tomorrow.