Warrant Officer CLM / CMI Level 5 Diploma (Management)

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by sunray757, Jul 23, 2007.

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  1. :? Have any fellow 'arrsers' out there recently completed the extra assignments to WO CLM leading to the CMI Level 5 Diploma. If so, anyone willing to give me a steer as I am little lacking in inspiration (particularly over one them). :?:

    Any help appreciated.


    'sunray' :crash:
  2. Explain in english please, interested in this
  3. After you complete WO CLM, there is the option to do a Level 5 Diploma in Management with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). This is mostly accredited to the coursework already done with the remainder requiring two 2000-2500 word essays (financial/non-financial accounting and recruitment and selection). The second seems straight forward, the first is getting a blank statre from me at the moment.

    I think the offer is open for up to 18 months after you complete CLM.

    Hope that helps you, please can anyone help me:? l
  4. What do you want to know specifically? PM me.
  5. Biscuits,

    Cheers, done!
  6. I think there is now something in place to get full membership of the CMI once you've completed your WO CLM and done the Level 5 diploma.
  7. Yeah but is it worth anything in civdiv?
  8. Full membership of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) or a Level 5 Diploma in Applied (vocational) Management?

    I presume you attempt a 'whah' on both counts?

    If you are serious, PM me.
  9. I completed my CLM in 05' so I think I'm a little to late, but if anyone knows different give me a shout.

    Cheers :idea:
  10. No just asking a question - did my EFP in 98 and at the time they were pushing NVQ to death - the only reason I signed up was to keep the instructors off my back because I was fed up to the back bollox with them bumping their gums about how great it was. My suspicions were confirmed when one of the blokes said about one of the NVQ assignments 'I have no experience of this' the instructor said 'just make it up'.
  11. I'll jump in and try to answer a few questions.
    The CMI qual for WOs is now offered at level 5, where as in previous years you could only get level 4.
    You now get the option to sign up for an Introductory certificate (no extra work), or the full Diploma (extra work).

    If you did EFP, then unfortunately this doesn't map over to the CMI qual, because it's mapped to the WO CLM assignments as someone hinted at.

    If you've done WOs' CLM, then you do indeed have 18months to sign up for it. You then have 3 years to complete it, although this can be extended with CMI if you make a case e.g. Operations.

    Sunray, if you have specific questions or need a hint, pm me some questions. I'll do my best to give a few tips.

    As for is it worth anything in Civ Street? I would only suggest that if you're thinking of resettling and have a company in mind, approach that company and ask them if they place any value on this qual.
  12. I've just completed the 3 learndirect units required to do the two assignments and am doing ok on assignment 2 (recruitment and selection) but must admit to struggling with the (financial) assignment 1 - the learndirect stuff doesn't seem to be much of a help on that one. I don't suppose anyone's got a passback or some top tips?
  13. Also when I did my WO CLM I was told that this qualification IS worth something to emplyers and will look good in your CV - apparently the CMI is well regarded in civvy street (I hope!)
  14. It is definitely worth something. For a start level 5 is always good to have. To put it in perspective:

    GCSEs grade A*-C LEVEL 2
    A-Levels LEVEL 3

    LEVEL 5 is equivalent to a higher national diploma, foundation degree etc.

    http://www.qca.org.uk/qca_5967.aspx Have a look at the fact sheet.

    The CMI is well rated and it definitely looks good on your CV. You do most of the work in your CLM so for the extra couple of essays it's more than worth it.

    Have a chat with your local AEC they should help you out.
  15. Headgear, Ive done the Finance one, what are you struggling with?