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Just a quick one to all you all knowing people out there. I found out that my uncle died on Monday night. The funeral is on Saturday morning and my ASM has already said I can get away on Friday early to get there. My first question is, would I be able to get a rail warrant to travel back from South England to Glasgow for the funeral with him being my uncle and not sibling parent or child? and secondly if not, can warrants be obtained on a repayment basis? I remember my old leave passes having a box saying annual entitlement and having a repayment box as well for travel. I am in phase 2 training, but I am a transferree and done over 3 years so not entitled to normal GYH(EY). Cheers for any info.
Unless you have been granted cat A or B Comp leave by the joint Casualty and Compassionate Centre (JCCC) you have no entitlement to free travel. As far as I am aware Pre/repayment warrants are a thing of the past - I would think your best bet may be to request a loan from Unit Funds - Have a word with your ASM, he/she should be able to assist.


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