WARNING: US ORIENTED POST--A nice gesture by Delta Airline employees

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Jun 19, 2013.

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  1. This ceremony is done voluntarily by Delta employees on the return of US military remains. In this particular case it was a dog handler and his dog, both KIA in Afghanistan.

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  2. "..................and the dog danced with joy
    as his master, the boy,
    laughed and threw stones in the sea."
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  3. I like that! Nice gesture!
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  4. I refuse to watch that on the simple basis that anything to do with Military Working Dogs tends to make me be all weak.

    Tom Rick's Best Defence also has a very good, semi-regular, column on MWDs.
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  5. Very moving, but they could have put the dog with it's master. I thought it was sad that they didn't.
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  6. Surely that's not how US dead arrive back from Iraq/Afghanistan? Even we manage better than some fat airport workers holding flags while you get pushed onto a conveyor belt then into the back of a trailer while random civvies take photos on their mobile phones.
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  7. A nice gesture indeed (shame about the music). I am quite surprised that they arrive like this, however, looking around you tube, it seems to happen quite a lot with less ceremony. I suppose its one of the ways the yanks save money. Shame really.
  8. I am actually quite shocked at that video.

    Top marks to Delta Airlines for doing the ceremony.

    A bloody disgrace that American servicemen are returned to their country in this way, or is this a connection flight internally (if it is then not so bad, but surely there is a national guard unit nearby that could have carried the guy off properly?).
    Surely a dead soldier should be afforded the respect of returning to home soil by bearer party?

    The conveyor belt device was quite dark in a war machine kind of way "good things walk in.......dead things come out"
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  9. Hang on - this could be the local flight back to his home-town, not the one from Afghanistan to CONUS.
  10. Yeah thats what I said regarding connecting internal flights, still looks a bit thoughtless. Good effort to Delta for filling the gap.
  11. I can't see the vid at present.....but I suspect it's better than the gesture we've all come to expect from Ryan Air:

  12. That is ion the way to the final resting place after the body is cared for at Dover AFB Mortuary where all KIAs go first. The 2 uniformed sergeants were the official body escort and will be with the fallen and his/her family until interment. Check out the film "taking Chance" that shows the procedure quite accurately.

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  13. I too found the music quite off-putting and should have added am appropriate advisory. Again, as I said earlier one must remember how big America is and connecting flights from POE at Dover (like Brize Norton) are needed to get to the place of interment. Each KIA is assigned an official escort who literally accompanies the remains and assists the family.this is separate from the funeral detail at the burial service that for active service dead is the full deal with bugler, casket bearers and firing squad for honors.

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  14. Additional Caution--turn sound off!

    Also as explained in my posts below, this is NOT the official return to country that occurs at Dover AFB with honors rendered but is a subsequent connecting flight to final resting place where burial is with full honors (unless NOK wishes otherwise).

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