Warning to those not so young going through RTMC

I've just been through RTMC to only get demob at the end.

My problem was I was medically downgraded due to a knee op but was always physically fit. My understanding was the down grade was like a warning flag to make sure I was correctly assessed when I went for a medical.

I then went for a medical pre RTMC to be put down as a CAT 1 MLD. Only to be at a MOB. Doctor wouldn't budge and it was only a week before the call up so that was my grading.

I still got called up to do a CAT 2 - 3 role at a FOB. So when they came round to confirm place, the place had gone. So I passed all the test but still only got my BFH.

So the point of the note is that if you have an appendix 9 I suggest you go to the receiving unit MO so that you can get properly graded for your role and not hope that RTMC will understand what the difference between a FOB and a MOB is and when they find out dig there heals in. Cheers SnO
Well I'm at RTMC now and they were very strict on medicals, the CMT's were great and will help you on screening if needed, but the Doc was super strict. Haven't had such a strict medical since I Joined the Regs many many years ago !!! Be warned if you tip up here with any type of ailment you'll probably get sussex and demobilised, a few have failed today!

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This rather old call sign is there at the moment (for one last go). Medical went well and all good!
The bottom line as far as the MOs at Chilwell are concerned is "does this person pose an evac risk if mobilised" Your overall health or fitness or lack thereof falls in behind this primary concern. What will be wafted in the face of any individual who falls foul of this, is the cost of a medi vac back to the UK. No amount of documentary, extensive additional civilian medical advice will prise any Chilwell MO away from this maxim.

Unfortunately its a case of common sense vs Army, and u know theres only ever one winner in that one.
Hmmm, maybe with the new world order and intention to amalgamate more the TA and regs, there could be an issue here.
Maybe there needs to be a concurrent medical of TA incumbents alongside the recruitment drive in accordance with those levels sought at Chilwell. Could find the government needs a rethink on figures.

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I've noticed, since they whacked the age limit for joining the TA up, an increase in applicants who would never get through a deployment. Whats more worrying is the attitude of "shove them through, any recruits are better than no recruits." Its a waste of money, and our time.
Boxy, the age thing for deploying (50 being the figure banded about) seems to depend on capbadge and rank. Some medical professionals are being mobbed well into their 50s. Where as I knew a TA Captain on H15 who was 52. At the same time I also know a REME Sgt who was refused at the age of 49 (He was a VM with loads of tours under his belt).

There, I've contributed without taking the piss. Check me out!
From my experience - 50 ORs, 55 Officers unless you have a skill in demand, such as maxillo facial surgery.

My qual therein had juuuust lapsed.

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