Warning to EU members over treaty...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by theslayerofmen, Jun 19, 2007.

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  1. Warning to EU members over treaty

    "Mr Barroso said new EU members should help the community
    European Commission President Jose Manuel. Barroso has told EU members not to block progress towards an EU treaty.
    Mr Barroso warned against taking a tough line into negotiations, telling member states that opposition to the treaty was not in their interest".

    WTF???? Why hasn't this 'man' been flayed alive? Who the bl**dy hell does he think he is; dust down the DPM drab. Shelve the Sandy places for the moment and take care of the stinking mongrel baying at our own doostep. The european Union is one hell of a threat to our Sovereign Nation and one bloody good reason to practice some house clearance drills closer to home. Pah!!!
  2. I see some potential problems if we are locked in a more federal Europe.

    who is going to be doing the fighting for European interests ? maybe the Germans, British, Danish, Dutch, Baltic states, there may be others I have omitted, these are the few nations that I know that are willing to to get into a scrap, the others are likely to run at the first sight of the Enemy

    secondly will they try to forces us to cede Gibraltar and Falkland Islands ?under the Foreign policy powers of the Federal EU Govt, where they can sign treaties on behalf of the EU, amongst other Historical territorial desputes between European nations, such as Alsace Lorraine, Schleisvig Holstein, old East Prussia, Monaco, Treiste, there are many i don't know of,

    I don't think we are quite ready for the Federal model, just yet, a Confederate states of Europe might be just ok, with clauses for historical territorial aquisitions to be left as they are, including Gibraltar, Falkland Island, etc to be dealt with by these confederate states as their own business in consideration for pre-EU history.

    any future disputes is to be put to arbitration that post dates the C. S. E. foundation.
    the US model is not here as there are too many diverging interest and history that will conflict with other states as well as Language.

    my 2p worth
  3. Does that mean we get Calais back. Whoopee - both ends of the tunnel! Then we could rename it "The English Channel Tunnel"
  4. *edit: whoops, mong comment*
  5. Which bit of "Non", "nein" and "Fjork Off" don't these EuroCommies understand?

    How about getting that Battle of Britain Flight Lancaster to do a few fly overs of Frau Merkel to help ram the message home?
  6. What a stunning idea! It's all her fault! Blame the Germans!

    I think the populations of many EU countries have shown they do not want this level of integration (think Netherlands and France), this is just the deluded political will of a few nutters, but something that should be stopped. It will cause more problems than it will solve. The removal of various barriers between EU countries can be removed in ways other than signing us all over.

    Semper, a well thought through post. Gennithmedic - let's hope that Lanc drops you from 30,000 feet over Hamburg?
  7. Thank you crabby.


    I believe for the forseeable future Confederacy is the best solution, harmonise economy, borders, Police, banking, electrical and shop trading standards, housing, transport, house buying, consumer legal protetction, Health amongst many areas of common interest, in time possibly 50 years, we may be ready for federal Europe.

    to bully and chivvy nations to agree to a new EU consitution will only have the opposite effect, it has to be done through COMMON agreement, everybody has to agree to it for it to work, if no one agrees, it must be put to bed for another generation until there is more of a convergence of interests, then it is do able.
  8. Confederacy didn't work for the new United States, they were all over the shop- especially when it came to defence and foreign policy (see the Articles of Confederation). That's why they had to have the Constitutional Convention which brought about the federal system over there- which went down like a cold cup of sick for a great many people to the extent that they ended up having a fcuking big, 4 year-long, ruck over it 70 years later.
  9. I don't mean exactly the same kind of confederacy as in the CSA, as there is a different historical precedent, the EU is known as the COMMON market, evenetually there will be a federacy, but it would have to be the one we all want with strength and teeth, with sanctions and with holding local funding, if member states refuse to enforce Laws, such as France, Greece, Spain when they get bolshy about implimenting EU directives regard to Beef sales, Impounding greek owned foreign cars, Property rights in Costa Del Sol, one common Language is essential, English is already the De Facto lingua frangia in EU and beyond.

    there is progress, we haven't had a war in 60 years which is one of the greatest achievement of the EU, there are one driving licence, from 2008, you can drive from Portugal to Latvia without showing a passport, single currency is in, starts to a common set of trading standards, we now need to be able to enforce them.

    Federacy by consent not by coercion, the US version was part arm twisting, coercion as well as consent, the CSA version was also looser, there was no central funding, the Presidency and cabinet was financially poor, Confederate states pre 1783 didn't have a custom union and single currency and was far looser than the EU with different Government and laws that can conflict with another states laws.
  10. You don't recall Belgrade being bombed by EU states then ? Rudolf Scharping and Joschka Fischer were very gung-ho about Germany getting stuck in - returning to Germany's battles of 1941.

    I do not understand how the EU prevented any wars.....the USSR occupied one half of Europe and the USA the other. The only wars would have been if the USA and USSR wanted one.

    As for Europe - Britain had no European wars between 1815 and 1914 - and would not have had one in 1914 had not Asquith and Grey kept secret from The Cabinet military agreements with France. Britain could have avoided both World Wars by not allying with France and Russia in 1908 in a secret agreement against Germany.

    France can always sucker the British....Blair offered to double Britain's net contributions to the EU Budget because Chirac asked him to - now it will cost us £6.4 billion each year.......looks like more Defence cuts to pay for that !
  11. "I believe for the forseeable future Confederacy is the best solution, harmonise economy, borders, Police, banking, electrical and shop trading standards, housing, transport, house buying, consumer legal protetction, Health amongst many areas of common interest, in time possibly 50 years, we may be ready for federal Europe".

    Fair comment but is it not unworkable? Just look at the Common Agricultural Policy. There can be no fairness when input and output is 'means tested', ie we pay more in but get less out. The 'vision' shouldn't equate to 'charitable contributions'. If fact even that is not entirely true. As most people know we subsidise many thriving 'european' economies/businesses and get very little (except critisism - theres an abundance of that) in return. IMHO.
  12. It seems that the EU flag is up for arrse redesign. I note your Confederacy angle, but might I suggest that each of the four stems has a leg perpendicular and clockwise, the leg being somewhere between half and two-thirds the length of the stem.

    I'm not the arty type, perhaps domeone could oblige ?.
  13. Trade Descriptions Act to be repealed November 2007 and replaced with EU Directive so that has happened already.............but I have no wish to change electrical fittings to a 2-pin system even though houses undergoing renovation must rewire to new wiring codes.........I really do not want to replace bayonet light bulbs with ES, nor to use non-earthed plugs..........

    Nor do I understand why only Britain and Sweden have lifted the Post monopoly and the rest have just extended matters to 2011

    The EU is so splendid that electrical goods from Amazon.de are cheaper than from Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.fr - but it will simply not ship across EU borders .

  14. Just how much will Blair give away before he Fecks off chuckling to himself.

    EU ref

    So MR Blair says he wont give up our controls ? Hands up any one here who believes that?
  15. Which puts the whole idea of the EU into perspective.