Warning to businesses and traders

Here we go again....... a phone call from some scouser/ manc, claiming to be involved with the police etc, trying to sell advertising in a publication.

I believe trading standards finally shut them down, a couple of years ago, but they appear to be back and up to their old tricks.

Pass on a warning, as you bimble around the sites....... these people are scamming shitehawks, you get nothing in return for your money.

http://whocallsme.com/Phone-Number.aspx/07557394669... these are the ones who called me.



interesting advert on your link…
Haven't seen one recently but I've seen loads of this over the years. It's simply printing firms trying to drum up sales. They have a list of so called good causes that they will say they are associated with to try and get your money.

The Fire Brigades Diary. The Hillingdon Hospital children's ward calendar. The Police Families diary and I expect there are a number of military associated one's these days.

They ring up and claim for example that they either work for or on behalf of the local hospital children ward and are producing a diary/calendar and would you care to buy an advertising slot to support your local kids hospital ward. The story is termed as if it's an official sanctioned publication and the proceeds are going to the kids.

The reality is that the person on the phone is trying to sell you advertising space in a rag that they have dreamed up and which has no official links whatsoever to the cause that they claim they are doing it for.

They will take your money, print a few copies of which you will receive one and may even make a small donation to the cause so they can claim they have fulfilled their contract to advertisers who have brought and paid for space in the belief that they are supporting a worthy cause.

You aren't supporting a charitable cause at all. You're just making some borderline fraudsters a very nice few quid.


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There is one that phones up offering advertising space in a hospital magazine, that's delivered free to x many thousands of houses and businesses in your area. they are clever enough to check out which hospital is closest to you and it sounds quite legit. A quick internet search brings up nothing but complaints though.
their sample advert they send is just a few photos and some cut and paste from your own website(s) without any thought on editing or layout.
oddly enough I declined this time last year, and they tried again yesterday.

I've had fewer people trying to sell me SEO and promising to get me on 'the front page of google 95% of the time' lately. I'm sure the new year will bring them all out again.

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