warning to all new females @ 21 sigs

Beaware their is a sexual preditor from an attached corps that u should stay well clear of,hes easy to spot as hes a bit of a slimey git and the most generous of blokes if he thinks it'll get him in yr knickers, hes tried it on with the majority of the females in this camp.
Can't imagine a predator bloke getting too far with the girlies. Ugly bugger the last film I saw him in.

If you have evidnce of this maybe you should head to the chain of command rather than sounding off in here. What exactly are you trying to achieve?
Have you spent the last 20 years living under a rock? Apart from the "slimey git" part, this description fits all of us.
Pay attention all you (half-way) attractive women, "Men want to have sex with you!" Usually, you will not let us if we are nasty to you, so if we are being nice to you, guess what? :roll:

Before you all PM me, I am a married man, so unless you are prepared to be discreet as well as depraved, you need not reply. :wink:

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