Warning Shots...

Teachers in Harrold, Texas are being armed - just in case one of the little fekkers in art class tries to deliver ' performance art' al a Columbine.

The teachers are given 40 hours of instruction and then can carry a 'concealed weapon' on their person while teaching little Johnny his three R's - readin', 'riting' and Ricochets...

Nothing like exercising some authority at the point of a .45

and teachers are, of course, not stressed, and therefore won't ' misuse' their weapons..

When most police officers who, one hopes, have had much more intensive training, have trouble shooting accurately under the stress of a 'situation' - recall that incident in New York where they let fly with a hail of bullets very few finding their target? -


guns kept at home were found 22% more likely to be used to kill family members or friends than they were to kill intruders [ New England Journal of Medicine ]..

the homicide rate among the 15 and under set is five times higher in the US than the rate of 25 other industrialized nations added together.

Texas is that enlightened state which executed 26 prisoners last year while only 16 were officially offed in all the other 49 states combined.

Sounds more like a siege mentality than prudence..but, then, I don't live in the US so I can't say if they have more classroom whackos that need to be taken down/out by the cafeteria monitor than in my neck of the world..

just struck me as a bit of an ' over the top' response to a possible problem.. Guess they consider investing in developing management and other skills for finding the root cause for berserko children or coming up with non-lethal alternative long term plans too expensive to put in place or a less ' concrete' solution..

Texas - where the Wild West lives -
Normally I'd be right alongside you on this, old boy, but I'm afraid we're talking about Texas. I've been doing a bit of thinking and recently reached the conclusion that in any state where Mean No. of Teeth > Mean No. of IQ points, such policies are to be viewed as "thinning the herd" and therefore welcomed.

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