Warning - PVR-Ometer Getting Excited

Discussion in 'RLC' started by WincoSlayer, Feb 12, 2007.

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  1. I'm off - those who have left must know something !

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  2. I'm staying in - those empty spaces need filling by early promotees !

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  1. I've heard an interesting factoid - that more RLC officers have PVR'd in the last 43 days than the whole of last year.
    Sounds interesting.
    Sudden changes to the CO plot for this year.
    Even more interesting.

    What's going on ?

    [I realise this is officer oriented, but it is of concern to all ranks, I suggest, so that's why the topic is in this forum]
  2. Where did you hear this factoid - is it legit?
  3. Nursey, I cannot divulge my sources, but it is VERY legit. This is not a wind up.
  4. Heard three half Colonels had binned it
  5. Hmmm owt to do with the spring offensive the shaved chimp isplanning
  6. Anything to do with the 2012 Olympics? and all the hang on companies that will be created to make mega books?

    I've heard that certain members of he EOD community are jumping ship because of massive paydays
  7. well...there's only around 160 more to go, and with 25(ish) mainstream Comds there's still plenty of competition for the top jobs.....

    Heard it all before, the situation is no worse now than it has ever been!
  8. Correctomondo, although binning it is a little extreme. Deciding that you do not wish to complete a full career is a choice, not an act of war - completely normal and a decision that most of us will face at some time or another.

  9. msr

    msr LE

    Bear in mind the RLC TA now have more Lt Cols than 2Lts...

  10. Yep...but the staff output is about the same!!!!

  11. To add some more info to the factoid:

    An average year of natural wastage at Maj rank is approx 136. This year just over 600 have PVR'd.

    After the comd board was published, 6 Lt Col selected for comd PVR'd.
  12. If this is the news it is being painted as on this thread, it begs the question of whether or not it is just a (large) blip on the radar or the start of an exodus?

    Secondly, is this issue related to the 07 ICB/SCB being half full of Majors going back to Sqn command for the second time and the recent Army letter suggesting WO2s can fill selected SO3 jobs?

    Have the flood gates opened? Do we need to nominate a man to turn the lights off after the last one has departed? Will we all be contractors in a couple of years?
  13. Also paves the way for the lesser calibre of officer to pick up and piss the lads off, Domino effect, soldiers PVR rate increases. Or vice versa the officers picking up have a better understanding of the good old British Tommy, affect, retention is better? just a thought!
  14. 17 Lt Cols are currently at PVR, of these 10 are within their final 2 years of service and it remains financially beneficial for them to jump ship now.

    Yes, worryingly a few rising stars have sacked it, c'est la vie! It was ever thus and the combat arms have had this problem for many years!

    My point remians extant, with 7 mid-career Lt Cols PVRing from a pool of nearly 200 (general malaise can give us the exact figures) is hardly catastrophic!

    Regarding the Majs and sub-unit comd board, there remains a manning 'black-hole' of YOB 69-73 (ish) when the Corps in its infancy didn't recruit enough people.

    Added to that more RLC sub units than initially predicted (FAS, Trg units at Deepcut etc) then indeed there is a short term deficiency of majs suitable for Sqn Comd - around 12 per year for the next couple of years.

    Some people will get a 2nd command, great stuff i say!

    Regarding lesser mortals getting Sqn Comd, no this won't happen - see above, this will continue to 'plug the gap UFN. Also remember the Corp over recruited in years 2000-2003 by approx 2-3% and commissionned considerable more LEs.... these offrs will enter the sub-unit command pot in approx 2011-2013

    Crisis....what crisis!!
  15. this is clearly army wide figures,,,, in the corps there are only around 500 majs