Warning Over Scam War-zone E-mails

Warning over 'war-zone' e-mails

Bogus e-mails purporting to be from service personnel serving in conflicts around the world have been sent to a number of people in the South West.

Although the messages contain genuine photographs of military personnel, Devon and Cornwall Police believe the e-mails are fraudulent.

After several weeks of communication, the senders are now asking for money.

Some people have parted with cash, believing the e-mailers are serving in war zones.

A police spokesman said: "After several weeks of communication via e-mail, the victims are told that the men are coming to the UK but first ask for money in order to send a parcel to another country."

Officers are investigating, but anyone who may have fallen for the scam is asked to contact police.
Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2009/10/17 10:04:23 GMT

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