Warning over ageing nuclear submarines

Given the report seems to be about Trafalgar Class, why's the picture a Vanguard Class?
Warning over ageing nuclear submarines | British Forces News

"The report said the Trafalgar class subs are "operating at the right-hand end of their `bathtub' reliability curves and the effect has been seen in a number of emergent technical issues over the last few years".

That has got to be some of the best Buzz word bingo, I've heard this year!
Posh way of saying they're knackered and should have ben retired by now.

Say "Thank you very much" to the nice people who delayed the project to replace these boats with what became the Astute Class.
Ask some of the Ratings that have recently left the fleet about it...they will say there is probably some truth in it.



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Even more seriously this is pointing out that the Deterrent is already being put at risk by procrastination over the Vs replacement.
Maybe we are going to revert to the Colonial deterrent of harsh words and sharpened mangos?
The inevitable nature of ageing nuclear-powered submarines. Even the Americans have quickly retired their younger Los Angeles class subs and slowly building their Virginia class submarines
Don't hold your breath for A boats to come sprinting into service.
Some of the T boats have many more years ahead of them.
Are any of them being retained (slightly?) longer than planned to allow time to build up the number of Astutes?
We did they've gone to Canada.


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typical british leyland build quality - corroding from the inside out and which idiot exposed them to salt water.

we should have got the germans to build them for us.

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