Warning Order - "Prepare for Wurzels!"

Gentlemen and ladies of the arrse. During yesterday's profitable trip to Bath Races I was perusing my race-card when I noticed the following event advertised.


30 July 2010, a cider festival, horse-racing with GAMBLING yippee, a curry supper or a burger and Somerset's living cultural treasures...

I'm in and so is TFB. Who else fancies a spot of Wurzel a la mode?

(TFB by the way is officially the luckiest woman in NATO - she chucked a £2 each way bet on the last race because there was a horse running with a name, similar to the Fenianette's real nick-name. She collected £160 for her trouble! She was later taken suddenly drunk...)
Well please your fcuking selves. I'm going and so is Mrs Spartacus.


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Sounds alright actually... Never been to the races, could even take the Mrs.BBear...
Saw 'em once at glastonbury on the band stand, was totally p1ssed and don't remember much...
vvaannmmaann said:
I'm surprised that they are still alive.
So am I, my neighbour drives their tour bus!

That's the spirit BBear! Drunk, broke and full of curry - how bad can that be?? :D
vvaannmmaann said:
I'm surprised that they are still alive.
Were they ever?
Good call Cuddles, I may well be there. I saw them last year at Wincanton races and they were truly superb, right down to the cider can holders they had on their mic stands. Those old dudes rock hard. It was pissing it down with rain but everyone had so much Thatchers inside them it mattered not a jot. Blackbird I'll av 'eee!
He's never be brave enough to have her nicknamed "The Fat Bird"?
bigbird67 said:
The-Lord-Flasheart said:
Cuddles said:
I'm in and so is TFB.
Whats a 'TFB'?
The Fenian Bride??
Correct, go to the top of the class - or at least as near the top as possible without endangering its structural integrity!

I'm not saying she's a dangerous Republican sympathizer but we have just spent a few days in the Mayo and Ros comain and I have seen where the Auxies shot her Auntie Margaret in 1920! (Which is confirmed in the local press unlike bugsy's claim!)

She didn't die, she was merely lamed.
mistersoft said:
vvaannmmaann said:
I'm surprised that they are still alive.
Were they ever?
Now nicely embalmed from the inside out using zoider. Will the moon be shining on the cowshed & will there be rolling in the hay? I'm also concerned about ending up in the duckpond with tadpoles in my breeches & newts between my toes...

Edit to add: nice site. Check out Sedge Moore's hobbies...
Any cheap accomodation nearby?...


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