Warning of a Demo In Westminster


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Short notice I know, but;

There have been calls for an Anti-Murdoch demonstration in Westminster to commence at 1300.

The call has gone out via Twitter, so it may be one man and his spouse, or alternatively the world and its pet of choice.

Thought that those working in Smoke Central might like a bit of a heads up.
What!!! more revolting citizens?,,,,,strewth what's the country coming to,,,What's wrong with everyone,,,Hope there's going to be a big punch up tho.
You have to focus on the training value of these events, the Met will be able to polish up their pensioner pushing skills.........
Will there be journalists from the NotW there to cover the event ??
Warminster by 'eck. That'll rattle his cage an' no mistake, Mr. Badger!

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